If you’ve taken a class before the guidelines changed, we have a few videos for you to quickly get you up to speed on the latest guidelines for CPR and first aid.

What's new in CPR and First Aid this year?The Latest CPR and First Aid Updates

This video takes you through all of the changes in CPR and first aid, including the rate of compressions, as well as the depth of compression. There are also changes in the recommendations around hands-only CPR, how to access EMS, and more. Take a look at this video for all of the updates.


For a while, tourniquets were recommended but de-emphasized. With this year’s update tourniquets are being recommended as more than just a last-ditch attempt to save a life. Take a look at our training where we teach you how to create a make-shift tourniquet if you need to, as well as how to use the commercial tourniquets that you might find in a first aid kit.

Hemostatic Agents

With this latest update, hemostatic agents have been added to first aid training. Hemostatic agents are meant to be used when we might have difficulty controlling bleeding with traditional methods.


We talk about methods to check the signs and symptoms of a concussion from head trauma, potentially from a sports injury.

Opioid Overdose

Finally, for healthcare providers, in particular, we talk about opiate and opioid overdose and the use of Naloxone kits.

We hope that these videos help to prepare you for the latest changes and additions to CPR and first aid. You can always go back into our training library for all of the rest of the videos if you’d like a more thorough refresh.

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