It’s National CPR & AED Awareness Week, and we wanted to take the opportunity to share a life-saving story to help you put into perspective how important this training really is.

As a nurse, Nancy has been trained in CPR many times throughout her career. It was the day after her most recent re-certification that she was called upon to put her skills into use. And it hit close to home.

Just a few weeks ago, Nancy and her family went out for Mother’s Day. During the meal, Nancy noticed her mother acting strangely. It then occurred to her that her mother may be choking. Thinking back to the CPR training she had taken only the day before, Nancy jumped into action and began the Heimlich maneuver and instructed her brother to call 9-1-1. Before he was able to call, Nancy’s efforts were successful and her mother began to breathe again.

Nancy was able to remain calm in what would have been a very difficult situation for most of us. She explained that the actions just came naturally because of the training she had received. Reflecting on the whole experience, and looking back on all of her rescue efforts over her career, this time was different. “When it’s a family member, it kind of puts a new light on it,” she said.

Nancy reiterated to us that she thinks CPR training should be taught more widely, especially in our high schools. “You just never know when you’re going to run into that situation,” she said.

Such a small investment of time can really pay off. If you’re not sure you would know what to do in this kind of situation, take a few minutes and brush up on your skills. We promise, you won’t regret it.


  1. Diana

    I worked at a Hospital & Nursing Home for 8 years. Started in the kitchen which I was around Residence of NH and Patients of Hospital. Then worked. With CEO H R.and other office jobs for 2 yrs and a Receptionist 1 yr.4 yrs in NH. With these jobs I seen Patients and Residents on a daily basis. The only time I had to be CPR Certified was when I worked in NH. I was already certified when I started working so I just stayed certified. I thought well I work in a hospital I should stay certified. I believe that all employees in the medical field from CEO to the Cleaning crew should be CPR certified. I never had to use my CPR, even 22 yrs ago when my daughter was born with heart problems. I haven’t worked in 4 years because I’m disabled now and in a wheelchair but I always watch the videos so I can just keep up. You just never know. I would get out of my chair one way or another to save a life.Things change. CPR is different now then 22 yrs ago. Thank you so much for these videos.

    Thank You,

    Diana Sequeira

  2. bofusrescue

    I am a CPR Instructor and have worked Emergency Nursing for 20+ years. I am now a supervisor in my hometown. Mother’s Day, 2014, was a special day of family meeting at our cabin by the river for playing UNO which my mother loves. She became choked, unable to cough, and almost went unconscious. There was such silence. My mom had stood up and took two steps to the doorway. I could not do anything but what was so natural to me. I did the Heimlich twice on her and no response and felt her going limp in my arms. I did a third TIGHT squeeze and felt a crack. She began to gasp and gradually was able to stagger back to her seat. I told my sister later that I had squeezed her hard but it was necessary. Later, talking with my mom, she could recount every word said and the silence of that day. I visited her a few days later and she walked across the floor and said that her side hurt. I explained to her that I had squeeze her pretty tight a few days before and that she probably had a cracked rib. She said “oh, well. It was worth it. You SAVED by life!”

  3. mukund lal

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    your affectionaley
    [dr.mukund lal] MBBS medical officer

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