If you’re thinking about getting your CPR and first aid certification online, you may, at this point, have more questions than answers. Luckily for you, we have those answers. So without further ado, let’s get this party started, as the kids say… if you built a time machine and went back a couple of decades.

1. Can I get my CPR certification online?

Well, if the answer to that question was, no, this blog post would end here. Thankfully, it doesn’t, and, yes, you can get your CPR certification online. But as you’ll see from some other answers further down this post, it isn’t exactly that cut and dry.

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2. Is online CPR certification valid?

The answer to this question really depends on your employer, if that’s the reason you’re needing to get certified. Some employers will want you to have practical hands-on training, which we’d recommend as well, and with some online CPR certification courses, this is an option.

What you’ll tend to find when searching for CPR and first aid certifications online are options. Some course providers are not legitimate in the least, some are but only offer video lessons, and others will have blended options, as in both video instruction along with a hands-on component that allows you to practice along with your instructor.

However, you should always consult with your employer, as a few will still prefer that you attend an in-person CPR class as if we were still living in the 80s and turning up the collars on our Polo shirts. And those hairstyles … yikes!

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3. Do employers accept online CPR certification?

Yes, this is a bit repetitive, but it pays to be thorough than the opposite of thorough, which doesn’t have a good antonym. If you’re doing this the right way, which means opting for a blended online CPR certification course, most employers will accept these. Though this still depends heavily on the course provider you choose. 

Some online CPR certification providers have a high employer acceptance rate and others not so much. So definitely ask before jumping into any CPR course.

One thing we will mention is that getting your CPR certification online has some benefits you won’t get taking an in-person course, and if you’re interested in knowing what those benefits are: 3 Benefits of Getting CPR Certification Online.

4. Do hospitals accept online CPR certification?

You might be tempted to assume that hospitals would prefer their employees to attend an in-person CPR course, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Again, it depends both on the hospital in question and the online CPR certification provider. 

Remember when your teachers used to say there are no bad questions? This is an example of that. Always ask your hospital about a specific online CPR certification course you’re considering taking. Now, asking if Jell-O is a fruit… that may test the limits of the no bad question theory.

5. How do I renew my CPR certification online?

Great question and we have an equally great answer: the same way you got your online CPR certification the first time around.

Whatever online CPR course provider you chose will probably allow for the renewal of your CPR certification. Whether you took an in-person CPR course or went with an online provider, that certification expires after two years.

You may want to ask if it’s possible to simply take the exam rather than having to take the whole course again, and this might also depend on whether or not you’ve retained everything you learned two years prior. And don’t forget, timing is important. If you let your CPR certification expire and go past the 30-day mark, you’ll have no other option but to take the whole course again.

6. Can I print my CPR certification online?

This will depend on your online CPR certification provider. The good course providers will allow you to print your CPR card instantly and will also send you a professionally printed CPR card. Make sure to check with your course provider.

7. Can I find my CPR certification online?

This will again depend on your online CPR certification provider. Though, in our digital age, you should expect this to be an option. If you’re having trouble finding your CPR certification online, contact your CPR course provider for help.

If you have any questions that aren’t listed here, please type them into the comment box below and someone on our end will reach out with what we hope will be a well-thought-out and invigorating answer.

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