In 2020, there isn’t much we can’t do online, and this includes taking a CPR instructor course. For those of you old enough to remember what life was like before the internet, the differences between now and then, especially as it relates to education, are vast.

Do you remember a little thing called libraries and how you had to actually thumb through the pages of books to get the information you needed, information that was not by any means limitless? Do you recall what a time drain those efforts were? And how inefficient and ineffective it all seems now?

If you are not at least considering taking a CPR instructor course online, you may as well build yourself a time machine and go back to a time when everything was far more complicated. (Though, with that time machine, you could go forward to a time when we can just download vast amounts of information and skills like The Matrix’s Neo.)

Many of you likely got your basic CPR certification online, as this has become the new normal. As technology improves you can take online CPR classes that are just as valuable and efficient as anything that classroom learning has to offer. And this includes an actual hands-on component that allows you to practice and skill evaluations by real live instructors. What a tremendous time to be alive; it’d be a shame to ignore the capabilities we have available to us now.

Benefits of Taking a CPR Instructor Course Online

The benefits of taking a CPR instructor course online are the same as they are for getting your first CPR certificate:

  1. Save time.
  2. Convenience.
  3. Numerous options.

Going back and forth to live in-person classes is a serious time drain, especially for those of you who must tackle long commutes to do so. Now imagine being able to say goodbye to those commutes and the traffic and all the anxiety that commuting can present.

The convenience factor is perhaps the most important benefit for any online learning and the main reason that every university now has some form of online options. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, you’re not going to get it back in.

Everyone today is addicted to convenience and this is true for those of you looking for CPR instructor courses. Think about what in-person classes mean for a second. You don’t get to choose the place or the time of the classes or anything really. You have to adjust your schedule around every CPR instructor class you attend, regardless of what else is happening in your life. What an unnecessary pain in the gluteus maximus!

Now imagine taking your CPR instructor course online and fitting it in around your busy schedule. You don’t need to carve out a full two or three hours like you would when attending an in-person class. If you have 10 or 15 minutes, you can squeeze in a lesson and/or some skills practice. Really, who among us has huge chunks of free time in our busy schedules?

Lastly, when you take in-person CPR instructor classes, you don’t have as many options. You’re limited to whatever is available in your town or city and that’s it. But when you don’t limit yourself geographically, you’ll discover options you never knew existed. 

If you’re interested in getting the full-blown breakdown of these benefits, check out a blog post we created on this subject just for you: 3 Benefits of Getting Your CPR Certification Online. And don’t forget, these benefits apply whether you’re getting your lay rescuer CPR certificate or your CPR instructor certification.

Taking a CPR Instructor Course: Online vs. Classroom

Let the great debate rage on. Can you really learn a hand’s on skill while sitting in front of your computer? In 2020, you better believe it.

Just look at Youtube and how anyone can learn anything they want. Want to rewire your house, there are videos for that. Want to overhaul your car’s engine. Plenty of choices on that as well. These are highly technical and involved skills and yet, people are learning them every day online.

Why should taking a CPR instructor course online be any different? Spoiler Alert: It’s not!

However, changing people’s perceptions can sometimes be slower than the realities and this seems to be true with online learning. Some common myths with learning CPR online are:

  • You can’t really master CPR through online learning
  • Your instructors won’t be as knowledgeable
  • You won’t be able to ask questions if you have them

These are all patently false. Now, it does depend on the CPR instructor course provider you choose. After all, if you choose to get your CPR instructor certification online from someone who last week was a dog groomer or selling patio furniture insurance, you may not get what you pay for.

However, if you choose a CPR instructor course provider wisely, even one that exists completely in cyberspace, those myths above will remain just that … myths.

So, how do you choose wisely? How do we choose anything in our modern world? We look for social proof, the new word-of-mouth, the online reviews that will tell us if we’re going to be pleased with our choices. 

For a complete breakdown of things you should look for in a CPR instructor course provider online, check out this post: Is Online CPR Certification Valid? While the focus is on the validity of getting a basic CPR certificate, it also applies to getting a CPR instructor certification.

If you’re looking for a CPR instructor course online, consider ProTrainings. Our blended learning options combine the best in classroom instruction with online efficiency, or as we like to call it, the best of both worlds. Discover what ProTraingings can do for you today; click that link above.

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