A while back, we wrote about CPR on Lost. It was part of a series in which we showed examples (good and bad) of how CPR is portrayed on television. Since then, we’ve seen other examples that would make great articles of what not to do (in particular, an old episode of The X-Files had the slowest, least effective chest compressions I’ve ever seen).

Last time we featured a video from Studio C, it was about diabetes, now the comedy troop has released another fantastic short, this time parodying a scene from Lost, with the best CPR ever attempted. Reminiscent of when Mr. Bean tried to do CPR but didn’t know what he was doing, this one starts out well, but then things go out of control.

The Bravest CPR on TV

CPR in Entertainment is a series based on rescue scenes found in both TV shows and movies. If you have a suggestion for a future entry, please comment below!

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