Getting an AED to a location quickly can be the difference between life and death. In many countries having an AED on-site is a requirement in many facilities. An AED can also be very expensive, making it cost-prohibitive for many places that should also have one on hand.

An Ambulance Drone may be a solution, bringing help to those in need very quickly, arriving at the scene within a minute or two. In most cases, before an ambulance can get there.

When would you use an AED Drone?

There are multiple situations in which an Ambulance Drone makes sense.

  • In dense areas where an ambulance may have difficulty getting through traffic as quickly as they need to.
  • In remote areas where the closest ambulance is much farther away.
  • For locations and situations that make it impossible for an ambulance to gain access.
    • Mountains
    • National Parks
    • Areas of Natural Disasters such as flooding, landslides, earthquakes, etc.

I don’t know the status of this project, and any research I’ve done to find out more information about the Ambulance Drone has turned up the same news reports from sometime in 2014, without much else since then. I’m hopeful that the project is still happening though, as this is very cool.

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