There are two CPR sequences in Casino Royale to mention. One that worked, one that didn’t. And neither of them accurately portrayed. Casino Royale is one of the latest James Bond movies, and was the first to star Daniel Craig in the leading role.

In the first scene, James Bond is poisoned. He realizes what is happening, and stumbles to a restroom with a glass and a salt shaker from a table he passes along the way. He proceeds to drink a cup full of saltwater, and then stumbles out of the building. He then makes it to his car where he injects himself with something, and proceeds to attempt to use a defibrillator on himself. Finally, someone else comes along and does it for him after he passes out. At this point, he recovers and the movie goes on.

Movies are wonderful things, aren’t they?

The next CPR scene happens after a drowning, and the victim is Bond’s supervisor Vesper Lynd, as played by Eva Green. As Bond does CPR, he manages to do some things correctly, including properly finding the correct location for doing the compressions (which some claim he does for other immature reasons). That said, his CPR technique needed work, and there was no chest rise and fall when he was delivering rescue breaths.

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