We often receive phone calls from students looking for a replacement of their American Heart Association CPR certification card. Whether a lost wallet, a recent move, or simply a worn-out card, sometimes life happens and you just need a replacement. It seems like such a small thing, until HR needs a copy and suddenly your work hours are in jeopardy until you are able to locate that card! If you trained in a classroom it may be a bit more difficult to get a copy. Let’s look into your options!

Contacting the American Heart Association for a Replacement Card

In order to get a copy of your American Heart Association CPR card, you will need to first determine if you originally received an e-card (digital copy that was emailed to you) or if you received a hard copy (printed wallet card) directly from your classroom instructor. If you received an e-card, the AHA’s central customer support department may be able to find your training records and send you an electronic replacement. The American Heart Association Customer Service department can be reached by phone at 1-800-242-8721. A representative should be able to find your certification using your name and email address.

Finding Your Local American Heart Instructor for a Card Lookup and Replacement

If you received a hard copy (printed wallet card) AHA CPR card directly from an instructor, getting a replacement card may be more complicated. In this case, the American Heart Association central customer service department will not be able to send you a replacement. Rather, they will direct you to contact the individual instructor that taught your course.

If you know who your instructor was, the American Heart Association may be able to help provide contact information if he/she is still an active instructor. Alternatively, the customer service rep may be able to provide a list of current instructors in your area, but they would not be able to determine the exact instructor.

Your Options If You Can’t Get a Replacement CPR Card

What if you did receive an American Heart Association hard copy card, you do not remember who the instructor was that taught your class, and you’ve exhausted the list of instructors that the AHA gave you? You still have a couple of options.

  1. Attend a new CPR class with the AHA

    You can purchase and attend a new course with the American Heart Association and receive a new CPR card. What if you still had a year and a half left on your certification?! Unfortunately, there is no discounted option to receive a new American Heart Association CPR certification. You have to just start over with a new course and certification.

  2. Attend a new CPR class with another company

    The other option is to take a new course with a nationally recognized company that keeps record of your training. ProTrainings can help! Our students are delighted to know that we always have a record of their training. Need an old card from 2012 for an auditor? Even though it’s expired, we’ve got your back and it’s one email away! Need a copy of your current certification because your toddler flushed yours down the toilet? No problem! We’ll confirm your address and send a copy out to you the next business day and an emailed copy will arrive in minutes.

Do I have to Pay Full Price for Another CPR Class?

No one wants to pay full price for a new course when they still had time left on their last certification! Unfortunately, if you want an American Heart Association CPR replacement card and you’ve exhausted all your options, that’s exactly what you have to do. At ProTrainings, we understand this frustration and we’ve got a solution! If you contact us and tell the Happiness Hero that you have lost your AHA CPR card and need a replacement, we can provide you with a 50% discount on one of our American Heart Association equivalent courses. Even better, we’ll always keep a record of your training so you won’t find yourself in this situation again.

Getting an American Heart Association replacement CPR card can be difficult to say the least. To avoid the headache in the future, we recommend that you always take a picture of your CPR card (front and back) with your phone so you have it for quick reference. Also, always research the CPR training company you plan to choose. Confirm that they follow the latest national guidelines and make sure that they keep a copy of your training on file so that you can access it if necessary. If you would like to take advantage of the ProTrainings AHA replacement card discount, please contact us at 888-406-7487. We’re happy to help!

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