Is 2 years Too Long Between Certifications?

A common question that people ask regarding their CPR training is whether or not two years is too long between certification. Your CPR certification will eventually expire and it will no longer be useful in employment certifications, the accepted length being two years. It is expected that you will remember most of your training and be able to re-certify with ease. There are some issues with this, however, even though the certification does allow for those two years.

Two Years Too Long

If you want to renew your certification it is strongly recommended that you do so before the two year mark is up for a few reasons. It has been stated by the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council that much of your CPR training retention declines after just a few months and that it will continue to decline as time goes by. Let’s face it, the vast majority of people aren’t going to be using their CPR training day after day unless they are in the medical field or an emergency responder, but that doesn’t mean that the training is any less necessary. As it turns out, less than half of course participants are able to pass a skills test a year after training, and with that being the case, your abilities could become completely useless after just twelve months. That’s not going to be very effective in a lifesaving situation, is it? 

Preparing Between Certifications

So how do you keep up with your training between certification courses? How do you make sure you’re always read to jump into action? It’s not as hard as you think. 

Watch Videos

If you really want to keep your skills up, try watching CPR training videos. You’re definitely going to be able to use the refresher, and it will help make sure you’re ready to spring into action the moment an emergency arises. 

Take Skill Tests

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking skill tests online. There are plenty that will help to refresh your memory, and which can be used in combination with the training videos. Keep your memory sharp and your skill sharper – it’s well worth the trouble. 

Get Renewed

If you’re ready to see recertification, go ahead and look for a class in your area. There are plenty of options, just make sure you choose one that is widely recognized by employers. The Red Cross, for example, offers a comprehensive course that includes AED hardware. Start planning your re-certification today and make sure you’re ready to jump into action, even a year after finishing the course.

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