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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “I have used this site for my recertification needs since 2009 and have been very impressed with the knowledge that I have retained. I am very happy that I was told about this site for my CPR recertification needs. I have told others about this site as well. I plan on using this site in the future for my recertification needs. It is nice to be able to complete my recertification at any time as I work nights and do not always have time to go take a class.”

    ~ Jennifer, LPN from Michigan
  • “Your instructor in the videos is an outstanding role model. He speaks clearly and consicely, demonstrates exactly how to perform each skill with confidence. His presentation keeps your mind focused and interested. This course is thourough, with conscise point presentation. This presentation is far superior to AHA. The AHA course video has music that is distracting, uses below average actors that are artificial in presentation, the poor presentation of the material does not hold ones focus easily. I learned more material at this site and enjoyed the learning. Thank you for your outstanding presentation. I am very appreciative to have been able to review my BLS with you. Thank you!”

    ~ Daniel
  • “Great!! Nursing needed this a long time ago!”

    ~ Rhonda, Nurse from Indiana
  • “I am openly suggesting everyone who wants to take a CPR course should come to I will verbally tell my friends know about this web-site”

    ~ Mary from New Jersey
  • “This was better than any in-person training I have ever received.”

    ~ Nicole from Arizona
  • “I liked the on-line videos and the ability to repeat the information as needed. The paramedic performing was excellent. The course was all inclusive andd better than any CPR class I have taken. I really enjoyed this course and will repeat in the upcoming years as I need to renew. Thank you.”

    ~ Mary, Registered Nurse (RN) from Florida
  • “I have been CPR certified as a requirement of my job for 10 years and this website by far surpasses any class that I have taken in person. It's detailed information as well as the visual provided with each training section really encompasses what to do in any situation. I also appreciate the details on the children and infant section as I have 6 children at home and am confident that I would know what to do should any of them need CPR. Being able to take the course when it's convenient for me is also a huge benefit. With a large family anda full time job, attending a 3 hour class on a specific date isn't an easy task. This website is easy to use and I apprecite being able to go back to where I left off should I get interrupted during the training or the test. Thank you for putting this together!!!”

    ~ Colleen, Jazzercise Instructor from Florida
  • “I needed a quick way to renew my CPR. This program was well put together, easy to understand and, easily done in your own home!”

    ~ anafred, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) from Florida
  • “Excellent training. I have had hands-on CPR training a number of time but felt this was even more thorough and up-to-date.”

    ~ Billy from Arkansas
  • “As a MSW level social work intern in health care this training was a godsend. I have had in person CPR training several times in the past but it had been a while and I needed a new certification and being in grad school full time did not have time to find and attend a ground course. The training provided was as good as any I have had in person. However if you have never had direct training I would recommend having our skills checked in person and am glad that that is an available option. ”

    ~ Natasha, Social Worker (LCSW/MSW) from California
  • “This is the best way to obtain your CPR training and most effective.”

    ~ Darlene, L.P.N. from Nevada
  • “This is a great way to learn CPR. ProCPR also sends you update videos through your e-mail that keep you up to date with CPR. This is a great learning tool. It is easy to use, and you can print you certificate or have it mailed to you.”

    ~ emma, CNA/CMA (Certified Nursing Assistant) from Florida
  • “Thank you for an exceptional training and a teacher that obviously knows his information well and has enthusiasm when teaching it.”

    ~ Dorothy, hospice social worker from Oregon
  • “I am so glad that I am able to receive this training online. I have a very busy schedule, this simplifies my life more than you could ever know!”

    ~ Rosemary, Medical technologist from Indiana
  • “This class was actually better organized, more detailed, and more informative than previous on site classes that I have taken.”

    ~ Carol, Family Nurse Practitioner from Tennessee
  • “This is a great program. The videos are up to date and verinformative and easy to learn from. The pretest questions were helpful and the test was a breeze after watching the videos. I will be using this site again when I need to recertify. ”

    ~ Juanita, Registered Nurse (RN) from California
  • “Absolutely the best online certification course. Have used this twice for recertification. Presented well and the email footage keeps things fresh in my mind.”

    ~ Carolina from Florida
  • “I would recommend this course to anyone.Very easy to navigate,even for the not so computer savvy person.The material was accurate and in depth. I will definately be using this training for my next renewal.”

    ~ Shanica from Louisiana
  • “Well Paced, Well Organized.”

    ~ Jonathan, Physician from New York
  • “I really like the way you use video and written tools in your training this really help to visualize the actions and to know the words. Thanks so much and God bless.”

    ~ Gertrude from New York
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “I appreciate being able to retest as I some times remember methods I learned in the past.”

    ~ Katie, 19 minutes ago
  • “Great and effective course.”

    ~ Bradon, about 1 hour ago
  • “excellent training”

    ~ donna, about 2 hours ago
  • “The videos were excellent, felt like i was there in person, well spoken, clear and informative ”

    ~ Lauren, about 4 hours ago
  • “Excellent training!”

    ~ Sonia, about 5 hours ago
  • “It was a good refresher course and I learned new facts”

    ~ Monika, about 5 hours ago
  • “The training videos are excellent and easily understood.”

    ~ Laura, about 10 hours ago
  • “take your time”

    ~ ingelin, about 11 hours ago
  • “Very complete and convenient. Able to complete in a reasonable time frame and at my pace.”

    ~ Melvin, about 11 hours ago
  • “great refreshing skills, thanks.”

    ~ Galina, about 16 hours ago
  • “I am required to take a CPR for healthcare workers every 2 years. I have only used Pro Trainings because they make a seemingly difficult course easily comprehensible and enjoyable. I really love the examples provided they are very helpful. ”

    ~ Antonio, about 19 hours ago
  • “Excellent explanations, great video, and nice test questions”

    ~ Christina, about 21 hours ago
  • “It took me along time to get through the program due to interruption of the internet connection. I had to go back several times to review a particular given topic. That being said. I liked the fact if could take my time and review some things again. I could take notes. Also I felt I learned a lot more with this class on line than actually performing on a manikin. Of course, I've been in the health profession for 20 years and have been required to complete CPR training every two years. I'm glad that additional topics were included in this educational training. Because in the past, my training was rushed and everyone seemed in a hurry to get the class over with. It took me a while to complete this course. I will do it again in the future, as I felt I learned more.”

    ~ Caroline, 1 day ago
  • “As a healthcare professional that does not use these techniques on a daily basis, I found this program to be very informative and repeatedly stressed the critical aspects of each technique so that by the time I took the test, I was confident I knew each answer. Great review, very in-depth, thorough and engaging. I further appreciated the dialogue about why we perform CPR and how to cope if a patient recovers or does not. ”

    ~ Jennie, 1 day ago
  • “I did take a test like this in the past but I realize after 20 years without practicing things are very different ”

    ~ Samuel, 1 day ago
  • “My experience with ProTrainings CPR was wonderful. It was very convenient and of better quality than previous CPR classes that I have taken. Would recommend to anyone. ”

    ~ Crystal, 1 day ago
  • “Thorough and well organized training! ”

    ~ Antonia, 1 day ago
  • “I'm so happy I pass I didn't think I will but I did. I only took it twice that's what make happier. ”

    ~ Alourdes, 1 day ago
  • “I have a difficult time finding a place to get my recent. Thanks ever so much. Very good teaching material. Videos are great.”

    ~ Lana, 2 days ago
  • “This training was very informative, and I enjoyed the video.”

    ~ Liz, 2 days ago