Alternatives to Classroom CPR Training: The Cure for the Common Classroom

Have you ever imagined not having to give up a Saturday in order to get CPR certified? Have you ever thought, "I've been through this 10 times, I know it all, I just wish I could attend a quick refresher course, take the test to show I know CPR, show my skills, and be done"? It is certainly an inconvenience to attend long, drawn-out classes that require that you be there for a certain number of hours on a specific day. And they can certainly be difficult to reschedule if a sickness or personal issue comes up at the last minute. In fact, if an unexpected situation comes up, your CPR certification could lapse and you might miss time at work. Not to mention, classes are sometimes great, interesting, and effective, and other times they are boring, confusing, and ineffective. If only I could learn at my own pace and go through more quickly rather than slowing down for other students in the classroom. If only there were a more consistent form of learning CPR. If only there were an alternative to going into the classroom every two years and repeating the same course over and over again...

In fact, there are alternatives to the classroom setting for a CPR class - online CPR certification. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, a library, or any other place with an internet connection. You can stop and start your training whenever you want with no time limit or scheduled class to attend. And you can review or refresh your skills through videos as much or as little as you need to. You can even skip instruction that you already know or go back and re-watch a confusing topic. Then, the only necessary scheduling is with a hands-on skill evaluator who will do a quick 20- or 30-minute skills check to ensure that your skills are up to par. "Sure," you might say "but those online courses aren't real programs - my workplace would not accept a CPR certification from them; in fact, they probably don't even have the proper credentials, and then I'm out my money AND time and I STILL have to go to a classroom." Although this is a valid concern (there are certainly online programs out there that have shady or incomplete credentials for teaching CPR), there are most definitely valid CPR programs that do business online. Just because a program is online does not automatically discount it as not credible.

ProCPR is a nationally recognized curriculum that follows the latest ECC/ILCOR international CPR standards, follows the same standards laid down by the American Heart Association, and has been approved by numerous state and national organizations as a CPR provider. In addition, ProCPR offers a full 100% money back guarantee for any person whose employer chooses not to accept a ProCPR certificate, and ProCPR support staff will contact your employer to inquire why the certification was not accepted as well as presenting all necessary credentials so that it will be accepted, a process which is only necessary for 1% of all people.

With every other aspect of your lives becoming more technologically advanced (including high school and college class instruction), doesn't it make sense that learning CPR should be available on the internet? So stop fighting the revolution, and start learning CPR at your convenience!

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