Four Workplaces that Need CPR Training

To put it lightly, CPR training is required by a number of different industries in order to keep them operating smoothly. Some industries need the training more than others and we’re going to go over a few workplace environments for which you should encourage your employees to seek out the online training, and ultimately become a greater asset to your organization. 

CPR Training for Factory Environments

Factory work pays well but it can also be some of the most dangerous work out there. You are constantly working around heavy equipment and the nature of the work itself can be very intense. It is not uncommon to see at least one or two injuries per year, no matter how hard you try to keep it under control. There may be the rare event that an injury will necessitate the use of CPR, and if something of that nature does happen, you’ll be glad that you took the time to learn this very useful life saving skill.

Laboratory Environments

Of all the workplace environments that we are going to go over in this article, laboratories are perhaps one of the most dangerous. Employees will be exposed toe chemicals on a daily basis and with that being the case, proper precautions must be taken. These precautions include protective masks, properly sealed rooms, and of course other implements that will serve to make the environment more stable and more safe. Accidents will happen however, and the ability to administer lifesaving treatment will go a long way in this environment.

Marine Environments

This is where online CPR training will really come in handy; marine environments, such as docks or even water based platforms will sometimes call for lifesaving procedures. You may be called on to save a drowning victim, or you might need to resuscitate someone for any number of other reasons. 

Swimming Pools

If there was ever a working environment that called for extensive CPR training, it would be a swimming pool. We’re talking about both private and public pools as they can both become the site of accidents, many of which could require CPR. 

These are the four environments that will most commonly call for CPR certification and many of the jobs that take place in these areas will actually require you to obtain certification before you actually become employed. It can definitely be a bit of a hassle but is entirely worth it nonetheless. The best part, is that you can learn the skills online and carry them with you into the real world, whatever your place of employment happens to be. Look into online CPR certification today, or even online CPR recertification if you just need to brush up and become compliant with the new rules. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as hard as you think. 

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