CPR Certification - Why is it required?

In the world of CPR we have those who think that CPR training is a good idea and everyone should get it and we have those who hate CPR training and only do it because it is required. The people who think it is a good idea rarely, if ever, get the actual training. And those who hate the training, but are required in order to work, always get certified and recertified. Is this some kind of joke, irony, hard to explain and mysterious phenomenon to all, or is it simply the world of regulated compliance?

I say it is all about compliance with only a small percentage learning CPR because it is the "right thing to do." Let me explain. When people ask me if they should get CPR certified, I immediately say yes and ask them, "Do you need to get CPR certification for work, or is it something you simply want to do?" If the person tells me that they want to know more about how to help when a child is choking or if someone they know has a heart attack, I respond with the following:

"I believe everyone should know how to provide the basic life saving skills associated with CPR. Go to ProTrainings and register, then begin the training videos and finish the test if you want to. It is free and you don’t have to buy anything. It is available 24 hours a day so be sure to work at your own pace. Practice on dolls or use family members (minus the deep chest compressions) as mannequins. Have fun, visit the site as often as you like, sign up for the free weekly email video reminders so you don't forget your skills between trainings." The person usually says, "Wow! What a great service!" And then they rarely follow the advice.

On the other hand are the medical offices, hospitals, general workplace locations, etc., who are mandated to take the training and certification by either OSHA, Joint Commission, or some other State or Federal or License requirement. These individuals go into the training kicking and screaming, but they almost always follow through with the CPR course completion. Why is this? Because they have to in order to work, make money, and maintain the lifestyle they are striving for.

You see, it would be nice if we didn't have to mandate that people do things just to get them to do it. But unfortunately, we do.

So there is the long and the short of it. CPR certification is required because if it weren't, no one would get the training. If no one got the training, very few people would be able to help when someone goes into a life threatening condition.

So, out of all the things we are required to do by law, let's be thankful that this one pays fringe benefits for friends and loved ones.

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