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This Baby Knows CPR - How about you?

Baby girl captured on video practicing CPR on a manikin. This adorable video is proof that anyone can learn CPR.

Can I Learn CPR Online?

This article briefly goes into some of the educational benefits of online CPR certification & elearning education. It starts by outlining how people learn and how e-learning and online cpr training is able to take advantage of those learning methods.

Are you Accredited by the American Heart Association?

This article clearly answers a common question about ProTrainings (ProCPR) courses and gives the background so that professionals required to obtain this certification are able to make an informed choice about where to get their CPR certification.

Can I Get CPR Certified Online?

This article's answer is a simplified version of the article "Can I use CPR certification?" This article again presents the CPR/Compliance/CE situation in a factual manner and seeks to educate the customer so they can make an informed and satisfactory choice when choosing where to get CPR certified.

Online CPR Certification - Can I use it?

This article honestly answers the question "can I use online CPR certification?" by presenting all the facts and giving the straight answers. While a person's circumstances may change based off their profession and whom they work for the common factors usually apply to whatever body is mandating the CPR certification and training.

Does having a CPR certification mean I'll perform CPR correctly every time?

By Roy Shaw, EMT-Paramedic. Roy talks about the statistics regarding short-term memory in regards to CPR training and education, how online CPR certification affects core skill mastery, and what a CPR certification truly represents.

Online BLS Certification vs. Classroom BLS Certification

By Roy Shaw, EMT-Paramedic. Roy talks about his experience with comparing online BLS training to traditional classroom training.

BLS Recertification vs. Initial BLS Certification

A discussion about the differences between initial BLS certification and BLS recertification, including the controversy of its importance for skilled health care professionals.

How To Get BLS Certification

There are a number of options available for BLS certification and training. Options include 100% online certification, blended BLS training, and online BLS certification. These options are discussed in detail in this article.

Who Needs BLS Certification?

BLS certification is required by a people in a variety of professions. This article mentions several groups of people who require BLS certification, explains what a basic life support certification is, and discusses how to obtain one.

BLS Certification - What is BLS?

What is BLS Certification? This article discusses the history of CPR/BLS, the technical meaning of BLS certification and the trend toward BLS Certification Online.

Who has the power to give CPR certification?

A discussion concerning the issue of where the authority to issue a valid CPR Certification comes from and who is able to provide this certification. The explanation starts with definitions and logically breaks down the source of a training company's certification and training ability.

Online CPR Certification vs. Classroom CPR Certification

By Roy Shaw, EMT-Paramedic. The benefits of online CPR certification and recertification as opposed to the classroom are numerous. However, there are some common fears surrounding online CPR certification and training that must be addressed, including both their merits and faults.

CPR Certification - Why is it required?

In the world of CPR we have those who think that CPR training is a good idea and everyone should get it and we have those who hate CPR training and only do it because it is required. The people who think it is a good idea rarely, if ever, get the actual training. And those who hate the training but are required in order to work, always get certified and recertified. Is this some kind of joke, irony, hard to explain and mysterious phenomenon to all or is it simply the world of regulated compliance?

Alternatives to Classroom CPR Training: The Cure for the Common Classroom

Learn why online CPR is a valid and viable alternative to classroom CPR education, and find out some reasons why online CPR education is actually preferred to classroom learning. Pros and cons as well as benefits to online CPR training are discussed and examined.

Person Dying and You Can Help, So What’s Stopping You?

There are some very common reasons why people do not attempt to rescue a person in an emergency. Learn what these reasons are and why they are not valid reasons. Learn why there are in fact no good reasons for not attempting to help a person in need.