Can I use online CPR certification?

If you are like most people searching for CPR certification, it’s most likely because you are required to hold a valid CPR card for your job. You might be surprised to know that the person or entity that really decides if you can use online CPR certification is your employer or licensing organization. So, how do they decide?

The organizations that most businesses have to impress are OSHA, CARF, or Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO). These are the organizations that have the ability to fine or even shut down businesses if they aren’t doing things right. ProCPR has met with OSHA, Joint Commission, and CARF and thoroughly read their rules on CPR training requirements in the medical and general workplace fields.

In regards to the type of CPR training that must be done, these organizations state only that the training must be “evidence-based.” This means that there has to be science behind the CPR that is being taught.

The most prominent scientific organization surrounding CPR is the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). One member of this committee is the American Heart Association (AHA). They along with the other members try to discover the best way to do CPR. They then publish these methods for everyone to see every 5 years. Training organizations such as the American Red Cross, ASHI, and are then free to take those guidelines and teach them in whatever way they see best.

Following these recommendations fulfills OSHA, Joint-Commission & CARF requirements that the training is “evidence-based.” This means that the vast majority of employers are legally free to accept training.

Other employer considerations then come into play. Things like the desired training level of employees, liability, politics, and cost (should they be paying for the training) are factors determining card acceptance. ProCPR usually is a much more cost-effective solution and provides more customized service than the typical training center so unless the employer has a really good relationship with an existing trainer is most likely the best cost option.

Some administrators may believe that utilizing a training company other than AHA or Red Cross puts their company at greater risk for liability. As verified “evidence-based” courses, accredited courses fulfill all legal requirements for companies mandated to obtain CPR and/or AED training & certification. There is no increased risk for liability to administrators who use

The last factor is politics, which is, unfortunately, one of the most prevalent and the one can do little about. Organizations like the AHA and Red Cross can have extensive financial connections to health organizations (especially hospitals) which in turn creates a monopoly type scenario. This may cause administrators to implement policies specifically requiring employees to accept a certain brand of CPR. In other cases, employers may simply be too busy or too apathetic to take the time to ensure the quality of and as a result, simply default to names that they recognize.

In conclusion, can you use online CPR certification? Legally, yes. However, it depends on what brand of certification your employer or licensing agency wants to accept. As a result, has prepared a few services to help you along.

  1. Our Guaranteed Acceptance program lets you proactively approach your employer to ask if they?ll accept it.
  2. Our money-back guarantee lets you try risk-free.
  3. The blended program option includes a hands-on portion that many employers prefer.

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