The American Heart Association is the American liaison to the ECC/ILCOR. This international committee scientifically decides the best way to perform CPR and each liaison brings this science back to their country to provide guidelines. These guidelines are then taken by several different groups who each form their own curriculum, or way to teach these guidelines. These groups include the AHA, Red Cross, ASHI, ProTrainings (ProCPR) and others.

From the description above, it is clear that it is not in the American Heart’s power to approve of any curriculum other than their own. The fact that training providers such as ProTrainings (ProCPR), ASHI and the Red Cross are not accredited, approved or recognized by the AHA does not mean that they are not valid forms of certification. By following the AHA guidelines of what to teach, each of these organizations is able to effectively teach an individual using their different methods of education.

In addition, the fact that the AHA is the largest certifier of BLS does not inherently make them the best. Though many do consider them the gold standard, this belief is mostly a result of years of branding and the AHA’s political clout in the medical industry.

In closing, an individual requiring the American Heart Association brand of card will not receive what they need through ProTrainings’s ProCPR course. An individual requiring an accredited program or an AHA equivalent course is free to use a ProTrainings (ProCPR) course. If you need certification and are unsure if you can use a ProTrainings certification course, remember to verify if we are accepted for your profession.

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