EMS Professionals Need Blended Hands-On CPR Certification

Online Training

  • Under 4 hours
  • Stop & resume as needed
  • No upfront cost

Hands-on Practice / Evaluation

Receive Card

  • 5-7 business days by mail
  • CAPCE approved!
  • $49.95 for blended certification
  • Money back guarantee

CAPCE Approved

The ProCPR course is a CAPCE approved course. If you are a licensed EMS professional, be sure to fill out the form to apply for CAPCE-approved credits AFTER completing your skill evaluation (you may only obtain your CAPCE-approved credits after completing the entire blended course). You will need to enter additional information, including your EMT license information.

CAPCE represents only that its accredited programs have met CAPCE standards for accreditation. These standards require sound educational offerings determined by a review of its objectives, teaching plan, faculty, and program evaluation processes. CAPCE does not endorse or support the actual teachings, opinions or material content as presented by the speaker(s) and/or sponsoring organization. CAPCE accreditation does not represent that the content conforms to any national, state or local standard or best practice of any nature. No student shall have any cause of action against CAPCE based on the accreditation of the material.

Who needs the "Blended Course?"

Individuals who have been informed by their company or licensing administration that they must have a hands-on skill evaluation should take our blended course. Performing CPR on a manikin can give people confidence in their CPR skills and ensure that they are ready to act if a person goes into cardiac arrest.

What is the "Blended Course?"

All training and written testing is completed online. Skills are then evaluated in person by a registered ProTrainings Skill Evaluator or certified CPR Instructor.

What does the "Blended Certificate" look like?

The Blended Certificate that you will receive is easily recognized as having had a hands-on component by the wording on the front of the card mentioning that there was a skills demonstration and by the listing of the Skill Evaluator's Name and registry number on the back.
Healthcare BLS Card Front
Healthcare BLS Card Back

How do I start the "Blended Course?"

It's easy! Simply sign up online. When you have passed the test and paid for the certification, print out the "Blended Course" packet and schedule your skill evaluation with one of our skill evaluators. After you complete the skill evaluation and we receive documentation from the skill evaluator, a copy of your blended certificate will arrive in the mail in 5-7 business days.

How can I find someone to perform my skill evaluation?

Instructors who are currently certified by the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Medic First Aid, ASHI, or other nationally recognized programs that follow the most current ILCOR and ECC recommendations may perform skill evaluations for ProTrainings by submitting a copy of their certification cards and completing the ProTrainings Skill Evaluator application. You can search for a ProCPR skill evaluator at www.blendedcpr.com.