Be Confident Your CPR Certification Is Accepted

You may be worried that your online CPR certification will not be accepted by your employer or licensing agency. When considering most online certification providers, this is a reasonable fear. However, ProCPR is backed by many official credentials, making it the most widely used, recognized, and accepted online training course available, with an acceptance rate of over 99%*.

Print our letter of introduction

Submit this letter to your employer with your ProCPR card if any questions arise. This will explain how we are accredited and acceptable for use in the workplace. It will also provide your employer with our contact information in case they have any further questions.

Who Approves CPR Certification?

ProCPR is an accredited program that satisfies the requirements for CPR training according to the latest ECC/ILCOR and the American Heart Association guidelines.

The American Heart Association is the U.S. representative of ILCOR and cannot approve, endorse, or give accreditation for CPR training for any other organization. They simply publish their own CPR courses and materials for training, just like ProCPR and the Red Cross.

No organization exists that provides a national endorsement or approval. This allows each CPR certification provider to construct their own curriculum and teaching strategies based on the ECC/ILCOR guidelines. Every business, agency, or individual can freely choose to accept ProCPR.

Our Credentials

At ProCPR, we believe that online training is a superior way to keep students informed and confident in a very important life saving skill. As such, we have worked very hard to develop quality training and have formed relationships with national and state licensing boards and employers so that professionals across all fields are able to use us.

Unfortunately, other online companies also claim to be "nationally accredited." However, many of these companies are approved by phony or irrelevant foundations and associations. This increases a professional's risk of out of date training and employer rejection.

Below are just a few of our many approvals from national and state licensing boards that have the power to dictate which programs a professional can use. We provide this list to serve as reassurance for you when choosing which CPR certification provider to use. Download our compliance approval packet for a more comprehensive list of professions and states that are able to use ProCPR.

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Our courses follow all AHA and ECC/ILCOR international guidelines and are approved by hundreds of state and health boards. Search approvals or download our compliance approval packet.

* 99% employer acceptance rate is calculated based on the number of refunds requested by our students for certificate disapproval.