At ProTrainings, we believe that everyone should have access to CPR training.

Free CPR Training

That’s why, for nearly 20 years, we have always made our training videos available online to absolutely anyone– completely free.

That’s also why we sponsor classroom CPR courses for thousands of high school students each year, ensuring that young people acquire this important skill.

Pass your CPR Test before you Pay

Plus, our online CPR courses are always Pass > Pay > Print.  This means that students who need a CPR certification for employment only pay for their course after they have successfully passed their exam.

See, we believe that learning how to save a life is not something that should be hidden behind a paywall.

Supporting us helps us train more rescuers worldwide

Your support of our full catalog of courses (as well as CE credits!) allows us to continue sponsoring learning opportunities for rescuers worldwide.

Together, we can create a safer world!

Want free CPR training for your school district? Click here to get started.

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