The list of reasons that people, just like yourself, have decided to get their CPR certification online is long, but at the top of that list is just one important reason — to save lives.

Now, there are other reasons that people get their online CPR certification such as:

  • Your employer has asked you nicely (OK, demanded) that you do so
  • It’s easy to learn and you never know when it may come in handy
  • It’ll make you more confident to handle an emergency situation
  • To help the people you love, should that need ever arise

If this is your first time hearing about online CPR certification, you may be asking yourself, can I get my CPR certification online? And the answer is, yes. In our modern world, there’s little we can’t do online. Now, let’s get to those benefits.

CPR Certification Online Benefit #1: Save Time

If you’re reading this in the age of COVID-19, the time factor may be a bit skewed, as many of us probably have more time on our hands than we’d like. But also in these strange times, in-person classes may be unavailable in your area and they could be for a while. Now that we got that out of the way…

In normal times, we’d be willing to bet that your schedule is busy, between working a full-time job and/or caring for a gaggle of children who have needs and wants that seem to take up more than the allotted 24 hours in any given day. Then there’s the back and forth, from work and the grocery store to soccer practice and more school functions than anyone ever dreamed possible 50 years ago.

In short, you’re likely having trouble finding the time you need to do the things you’re already doing. How can you possibly squeeze in the time to drive to a CPR class, wait on the dozen or so other people taking their turn on the one manikin available, then drive back home? All told, you could easily burn a couple of hours on just one lesson. Now, multiple that times 12 or more classes.

Let’s look at the alternative now — getting your CPR and first aid certification online. When you have the time, you plop yourself down in front of your computer and squeeze in a lesson that takes just a few minutes to watch. If you have a hands-on component to your course, which we’d definitely recommend, you can also practice along with your instructor on a manikin you don’t have to share. Even if you watch the same lesson three times and practice along with the instructor as you do, you’ve likely accomplished the exact same thing in 10 or 15 minutes that takes others (the in-class CPR learners) two or more hours. And actually, you might be lucky if you get three turns on a manikin in an in-person class.

Online CPR certification is what we call working smart, rather than working hard.

CPR Certification Online Benefit #2: Convenience

Some of these benefits will blur together a bit, as saving time is also pretty convenient in our busy modern lifestyles. And one thing that makes this modern world, well, modern, is the digital possibilities that exist to make our lives more convenient. To ignore these possibilities would be like the United States Post Office suddenly deciding to deliver the mail by ponies rather than using airplanes and trucks. Hey, we love retro as much as the next guy or gal, but not when it means compromising convenience.

With an in-person CPR class, you don’t set the schedule. You have to attend when the class is held and there’s no way around that. You have to drive there and back, which we’ve already mentioned. You may have to stop for gas. And let’s face it, passing a Burger King when you’re already time-crunched means one more stop that you’ll regret about five minutes after wiping ketchup off your face. 

With online CPR certification, you set your own schedule. You can squeeze in a quick lesson before the kids wake up, after finally getting them to sleep at night, during your lunch break, or whenever you have just ten minutes of free time. 

Getting your CPR certification online means that all lessons are self-paced. You decide when and where to watch the lessons. One week, it may not be convenient to watch any lessons; perhaps your mother-in-law is visiting (our condolences, by the way) and you can’t find the time. Or perhaps because she’s visiting, you can find plenty of time. (Wink wink.)

Do you know what else is great about getting your CPR certification online? You can show up in your pajamas, or when you’re having a bad hair day, or sans makeup. No one is judging you. And on that note, if being in a CPR classroom with others causes a bit of nervousness or social anxiety, you’re not really going to get as much out of that experience as you should. We all tend to worry about what others are thinking, am I doing this correctly, and so forth. Learning online eliminates all of this human distraction and allows you to learn more completely.

CPR Certification Online Benefit #3: Numerous Options

How many CPR classes are available in your area? If you live in a big city, there may be a few near you that don’t take an hour to get to, but if you live in a rural area, you may have far fewer options. This means you take what you can get, even if what you get isn’t what you want. Now, that doesn’t sound very modern, does it? Go into any convenience store and count the beverage options that are available. That’s modern!

Getting your CPR and first aid certification online presents you with nearly as many options. You can learn CPR for adults, children, and infants. Heck, you can even learn CPR for animals these days. You can find a course that includes a hands-on component. And you can find courses that will teach you more life-saving skills than you ever thought possible, like how to help a choking victim, or how to recognize when someone is in shock or any number of vital skills that require quick action to remedy.

If you’re wondering if online CPR certification is valid, the short answer is, yes. However, you can click on the link above for the longer answer if you’re interested. And if you’re a healthcare professional who is wondering if hospitals accept online CPR certification, the answer to that is, it depends on the hospital and also on the online CPR course you choose.

If you’re looking to get your CPR and first aid certification online from a reputable organization with 99 percent employer acceptance, including hospitals, ProCPR is an option worth checking out. We’ve certified tens of thousands of people, including healthcare providers, over the years and have more than 200,000 positive reviews from people just like you. It’s the modern option that makes the most sense.

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