What we hear from our clients daily revolves around two key points:

  1. Must I have staff trained every year? Time and money are in short supply.
  2. May I have my staff certify every year? Two years between certifications is too long to retain proper skills.

Unless your state mandates annual training, there are some providers that may adjust the certification cycle between one or two years depending on your preference or requirement. Studies indicate that if CPR is not used or reviewed every 13 weeks (give or take), vital information and the confidence to respond to a crisis is greatly diminished.*

The point is even once a year is too long between certifications, thus frequent review of the material becomes more critical. ProTrainings.com is one provider that offers weekly video refreshers by email after certification to ensure better results and more confidence regardless of the certification timeline. Employers now have the best of both worlds, frequent review with a longer time between certifications.


  1. CPR Instructor

    Basic CPR training is almost the same at all CPR training institutes. CPR certification should be reviewed on yearly basis to check and upgrade the training skills of the person undergoing review.

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