What about Bob? is a movie from the early 1990s featuring Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Leo Marvin and Bill Murray as Bob Wiley.

While the scene that I have selected isn’t technically CPR, it is the Heimlich Maneuver.  A particularly painful Heimlich Maneuver.  If you’ve never seen this classic film of modern cinema, here is a description of the film that will help to understand the relationship between the characters.

In this clip, Bob has been sharing a meal with the family, and says something just as Leo has something in his mouth.

Summary of What About Bob?

Doctor Leo Marvin, an egotistical psychiatrist in New York City, is looking forward to his forthcoming appearance on a “Good Morning America” telecast during which he plans to brag about Baby Steps, his new book about emotional disorder theories in which he details his philosophy of treating mental patients and their phobias. Meanwhile, Bob Wiley is a recluse who is so afraid to leave his own apartment that he has to talk himself out the door. When Bob is pawned off on Leo by a psychiatrist colleague, Bob becomes attached to Leo. Leo finds Bob extremely annoying. When Leo accompanies his wife Fay, his daughter Anna, and his son Siggy to a peaceful New Hampshire lakeside cottage for a month-long vacation, Leo thinks he’s been freed from Bob. Leo expects to mesmerize his family with his prowess as a brilliant husband and remarkable father who knows all there is to know about instructing his wife and raising his kids…

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