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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “As a busy doctor being able to refresh my cpr skills quickly and at home really makes my life easier. ”

    ~ Jarrod, Optometrist (OD) from Arizona
  • “This is the BEST Course - I've used it for 6 years now.”

    ~ Todd, Podiatrist from Nevada
  • “The course was what I was looking for. It was thorough and I am confident in my abilities after the test. It is perfect for those whose busy lives and time constraints prevent them from finding a convenient time to do this. ”

    ~ kenneth, Dentist /DMD) from MB
  • “Very good review and interesting new info in regard to statistical and scientific research information. ”

    ~ Tina, Registered Nurse (RN) from Ohio
  • “Overall, the material is presented in a clear and concise fashion. Very in-depth, professional and knowledgable. The training is interesting and the final test is challenging. This would be a program that I would recommend to any healthcare professional.”

    ~ Timothy A., EMT-I/85 from Alabama
  • “Extremely thorough and informative. Repetitious enough to help the viewer remember key points without being boring. I've taken CPR and first aid in a classroom setting and didn't walk away with quite as firm of an understanding. I'm also very glad for the optional weekly email reminders of material so I don't get rusty or forget the information in between certificate renewals. I highly recommend this means of CPR/first aid eduacation.”

    ~ Kelly, Body Piercer from Tennessee
  • “GREAT place for learning, and they send these videos almost weekly so you can always refresh your memory. They are not interested in your money, they are interested in you knowing the skills. I say this because you do not pay anything until you master the material and boy do they put a lot of effort in making sure you do master the content!”

    ~ Junior, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN/LVN) from New York

    ~ Eduardo L., Doctor in Dental Surgery from California
  • “ I have used ProCPR for over 6 years now to renew my Healthcare CPR and I love how easy it is to use this site. Very well done!!”

    ~ Cheryl from Oregon
  • “I will never sit in a classroom for this again! Thank you!”

    ~ Holly, Registered Nurse (RN) from Ohio
  • “This training was fun, and easy! The instruction was highly skilled and displayed an obvious love for his profession. I highly recommend this course. Camille House, RN ”

    ~ Camille, Registered Nurse (RN) from Texas
  • “Thank You! Concise and Informative!”

    ~ Paddy, Registered Nurse (RN) from Florida
  • “ProCPR is a great way to update your CPR skills in the convenience of your own home. Having a 5 month old daughter, I was able to stay home with her while completing the course on my own time. I would recommend this course to all of my busy friends needing to update their CPR cards!”

    ~ Janessa, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) from California
  • “This training was very thorough, way better than what I thought. GOOD JOB! Money well spent!”

    ~ Lunique, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN/LVN) from New York
  • “I have been CPR certified for over 40 years and taught CPR for 25 years. A lot has changed but it is still the same. I really enjoyed this CPR training; the gentleman who did this program was clear and concise. And now I can go back anytime for a refresher, that is the best part..... thank you!”

    ~ Debbie, Registered Nurse (RN) from Massachusetts
  • “Very well done!”

    ~ Julia from Iowa
  • “In the 20 years that I have been taking CPR/First Aid classes, this is the first time that I have been certified through an online class. In this day in age, where time is elusive, I found it convenient and simple to use this site and not have to spend 4 hours in a classroom and have issues with not having my card immediately. I will highly recommend this site to others.”

    ~ Jamie, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN/LVN) from Iowa
  • “I liked the presentation of basic life support with cpr. I got a excellent visual of how and what to do in the situations. ”

    ~ Jack, Radiation Therapist from Colorado
  • “Simply the best. Highly recommended.”

    ~ Thomas, Orthodontist from Virginia
  • “This is my second time taking the test with ProCPR and I'm not doing it an old fashion way ever again!!! ProCPR rocks!”

    ~ Vladyslav, Dentist from Virginia
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “My employer sent me to this ProCPR website. User friendly format, first time CPR renewal on-line. I passed! ”

    ~ Marta, about 5 hours ago
  • “clear and educational”

    ~ Connie, about 7 hours ago
  • “As a healthcare professional, I find ProCPR to be the finest online educational and certification processes. It provides straightforward evidence-based knowledge and training which are required for effective use of CPR in all settings.”

    ~ Patricia, about 17 hours ago
  • “What i experienced is that better trials and effort gives you the opportunity to pass this process then listen to all videos even if you know it before that helps alot ”

    ~ Brima Kennedy, about 19 hours ago
  • “I really felt comfortable with the material when I was done and was confident that I had retained the material as I took the test. ”

    ~ donna, 1 day ago
  • “I thought it was very well done and easy to understand”

    ~ Ruthanne, 1 day ago
  • “This test is designed for people to become proficient in learning all that there is to know about saving lives.”

    ~ Matina, 1 day ago
  • “This video was better then any class I have ever attended for CPR”

    ~ Francine, 1 day ago
  • “helpfull”

    ~ Alexander, 1 day ago
  • “Great and easy to navigate... very informative and to the point!”

    ~ tatyana, 1 day ago
  • “This was a great way to renew BLS training!”

    ~ Ann, 2 days ago
  • “Its great!”

    ~ Ellen, 2 days ago
  • “Even though I hate to admit it, it can be easy to let your CPR certification expire...I applied for a home health job and needed a copy of a [current] CPR certification before my interview in 2 days. This ProCPR course got me out of a jam fast. The option to take just the test and not go through the whole training was a relief. The questions were appropriately challenging, but relevant enough that you can use common sense and use what was gleaned from previous CPR courses to pass it easily. ”

    ~ Allie, 2 days ago
  • “Quick and effective way to maintain your certification”

    ~ Patrick, 2 days ago
  • “Quick, easy way for eperienced providers to obtain basic CPR card in a pinch! Thanks”

    ~ Brenda, 2 days ago
  • “The course was fast and easy would recommend to all ”

    ~ Kathleen, 2 days ago
  • “Yes”

    ~ Robert, 2 days ago
  • “Awesome and informative ”

    ~ Sherry, 2 days ago
  • “All the information you need to be proficient and confident in your ability to handle an emergency!”

    ~ Laurie, 2 days ago
  • “Really good videos. Explanations of procedures are very well explained and demonstrated.”

    ~ Alvin, 2 days ago