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Unlimited Test Retakes

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Print 2-Year Card Immediately

Based on Latest AHA Guidelines

Certify in Under an Hour

5+ Hours of Engaging, Video Training Available

How ProCPR Works

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Train your staff in ACLS, PALS, BLS, HIPAA & BBP from one source

100% online or add hands-on with an instructor

Easy access to staff training & certificate records

Dedicated account representative and free consultation

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How It Works

  1. Watch Video Training  Instructor Roy Shaw, EMT-P leads you through video training. Start, stop, and resume on your schedule. Access to video library is yours forever.
  2. Pass the Test  You may take the test at your own pace and retake it as many times as you need. If you don't receive a passing score, we'll suggest remediation videos to get you on track.
  3. Test Your Skills (optional)  If you need hands-on skill evaluation we'll send you a single-use manikin and connect you with an instructor via webcam. We also have a nationwide network of skill evaluators if you'd prefer an in-person evalution.
  4. Pay  Only pay for your certification when you've finished the exam and are satisfied with your training. The price includes a professionally printed certification card.
  5. Print  You can print your certification card immediately. A professionally printed card will also arrive in the mail in 5-7 business days.

Accredited Courses for Busy Professionals

Love Learning With Video-Based Training

Do you really want to read through pages and pages on a screen or sit through another mind-numbing class?

Instead, enjoy learning with our high-quality, video-based courses. Each video is led by a certified Paramedic and follow AHA standards. Get started today. You only pay if you are satistfied and want to complete the certification process.

Say Goodbye to Stuffy Classrooms and Boring Text-Based Training

  • Learn at your own pace, pause & rewind as needed
  • Start today, stop and resume where you left off
  • Train anywhere on any device
  • Learn 1 on 1 with the instructor
  • Even better than the front row of class

Nationally Recognized Certification from the Comfort of Home