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Which CPR manikin is your soulmate?

Take the quiz now or meet the manikins below!

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Meet the Manikins
Need to practice CPR but also looking for your soulmate? We might be able to help you shoot two hearts with one arrow. Take the quiz and we’ll see if we’ve got a CPR manikin who might just be the man-ikin of your dreams.
Hi-Tech Manikin
Have expensive taste and want a manikin that keeps up with the standards you’ve become accustomed to? This dreamboat might as well be a yacht. The high-tech manikin will always lavish you with luxury.
Mani-Ken Doll
If you just can’t bear to practice CPR on a lifeless-looking manikin, a Ken doll might be the perfect substitute. Charmingly handsome and always by your side, Ken is the perfect arm candy for you. From the beach to the altar, Ken is your romantic partner for life.
Grubby Manikin
He just longs for a simpler life, and you do too. Sure, he’s rough around the edges and he could use a new shirt, but he has a heart of gold. He’s happy to stay in the background and let you be the star of the show.
SUMO™ Manikin
Predictable, stable, and economical. If you’re done with drama and ready to settle down with someone you can count on day in and day out, he’s your guy. He may be simple, but he’s all yours.