Teen Dies on Delta Flight

by Elizabeth Shaw -


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A 16-year-old boy  died after suffering a medical emergency on  Delta Flight 128 flying from Seattle to Atlanta.

The young man, Zachery Bisiar, was flying  family members Saturday when “he went into medical distress.” The cause of death is still pending, but a Spokane medical examiner said “the cause of death is pending, but is thought to be “a rare complication of a rare disease process. The manner of death is natural.”

The plane made a landing in Spokane, Wash., Saturday, and Bisiar  died on board around 9 a.m. Pacific time,  said an official with the Spokane Fire Department.

“The medical distress happened about 30 minutes into the flight. The teen, who authorities said was originally from the metro Atlanta area, had a preexisting medical condition, but family members said he was medically able to fly.” Joe Ryan, one of the passengers aboard the plane, said in a phone interview Spokane airport, “that the pilot of the plane informed passengers almost immediately after takeoff that there was a medical emergency aboard the aircraft. The plane never really got too high. , “The pilot all of the sudden got on the intercom and said there was a passenger in dire need (of medical attention).”

Ryan said, “the teen was taken to the rear of the jet, where flight attendants and possibly others attempted lifesaving measures.” Five or six emergency vehicles responded to the incident as soon as the plane landed, and

Five or six emergency vehicles met the plane at the gate, and Ryan said emergency technicians “were on the plane in seconds.” Impressed with the flight attendants and pilots for their swift response, he called them “unbelievable.” Ryan said he overheard crew and others on the plane say the teen had a preexisting medical condition, possibly cerebral palsy.

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