Strangers Perform CPR on Baby in Dramatic Roadside Rescue

by Paul Martin -

Miami Highway

Miami /

When you hear a story like this, it helps to put things into perspective.  Pamela Rauseo was driving on Miami’s Dolphin Expressway, when she realized that her 5-month-old nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz, wasn’t breathing.  He was born prematurely, and has respiratory issues.  She pulled over, got out of the car, and took the baby out of the car and began screaming for help.

Traffic on the expressway came to a standstill, and some motorists sprang into action to help revive Sebastian, who was already turning blue.  The Miami Herald reports Lucila Godoy, 34, arrived first.  She left her 3-year-old son in her car to help. Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz was stopped nearby as well, and also got out of his car to help.

Diaz had heard screaming, saw a woman get out of the car in front of him, “screaming that the baby can’t breathe.” Diaz jogged through traffic to find more help.  He found police officer Amauris Bastidas.  Bastidas ran to the scene and took over CPR for Godoy.  He performed chest pumps while Rauseo breathed into the baby’s mouth.

Captain Anthony Trim and Lt. Alvaro Tonanez, from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s hazardous materials unit were nearby in separate cars, and also got out of their cars to help.

During their efforts, the baby started breathing, stopped again, and they worked frantically to get the baby to breathe.  Miami Fire Rescue arrived shortly after, and took the baby to a hospital where he was in stable condition on Thursday night.

Rauseo said that she’s last taken a CPR class about seven years ago, but her training kicked in on instinct.

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