Officers save Baby with CPR

by Paul Martin -

Officers Save BabyA girl of only a year and a half began to choke while in the car with her grandmother. She pulled over and called 911, but was so hysterical that she handed the phone to a Good Samaritan that had stopped to help.

The caller followed the instructions from the 911 dispatch until Officers Poradzisz and O’Connor arrived on the scene. When they saw the baby, she was on her back, her eyes were open, her mouth was open and she had pale blue lips.

The officers started with the Heimlich maneuver. When that didn’t work, they tried CPR and finally conducted a finger sweep to clear her airway.

Finally they heard Aureliana let out a scream. “It was like the best noise you ever heard,” said O’Connor.

The officers consider this a part of their job, and don’t want to be called heroes, but that’s exactly what they are for this little girl.

via Fox 17

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