Off-Duty Firefighter and His Christmas Miracle

by Elizabeth Shaw -


Holiday cheer was in full swing the Monday before Christmas until a 72-year-old man collapsed  while waiting in line at a  Bronx cheese shop. An off-duty Fireman, Lt. Rudy Goop from Engine Co. 46 and his son were nearby when they heard a woman, the man’s wife scream in panic.

Good, a 24-year FDNY veteran, said “I realize the guy is having a heart attack so I started doing chest compressions,” Goop said. He told another a shop patron nearb to call firefighters at Engine Co. 88. Things didn’t look hopeful, though. “This guy was dead,” one source said. The victim was unresponsive and had turned blue.

Goop kept desperately administering chest compressions in the hopes of keeping the Miguel Ingulli alive before help arrived. “I could see the color in his face change. I was pumping the blood into his heart,” Goop said. Finally, firefighters arrived and were able to shock the man back to life using a defibrillator.

Ingulli was then taken to St. Barnabas hospital in stable condition, and a short time later, was alert and talking. “I love him. I have to thank him,” he said. “He’s a nice guy. He saved my life. What can be better than this?”

Goop said that CPR doesn’t always work, but he was very thankful that it did this time. “Sometimes no matter how hard you try, the results don’t always turn out so good, but today it did,” said Goop. “It’s amazing that he came back.”

Source: Daily News

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