Apps bring Medical Help Fast before Cardiac Arrest can Kill You

by Paul Martin -

GoodSAMIn an effort to bring help when it is needed most, there are applications to bring help when you witness a cardiac arrest.

In the UK, the London Ambulance Service has started using an app called GoodSAM.

In the US, there’s a similar system called PulsePoint.

In Stockholm, Sweden, an app called SMS-Lifesavers has been running since 2010.

In Sweden, a randomized trial showed that bystander-initiated CPR increased from 48 to 62% when using the app.

GoodSAM has been used by the London Ambulance Service for about five months or so. It lets bystanders call emergency medical services with the push of a button. It also sends alerts to three nearby trained responders. Another great feature has ambulance crews sending an alert to responders near an incident who may be able to get to the patient before they can. This can greatly help increase the odds of survival.

They’ve also added a video stream feature to the app so that bystanders can transmit a live video feed to the first responders. It helps the first responders see what they’re going to be dealing with, and prepare the proper equipment while en route. It can also help prevent someone from providing incorrect first aid through misdiagnosis.

GoodSAM is also building up a map of defibrillators so they can be easily located by responders using the app. In Stockholm, they now have a lot of patients that are defibrillated within the first 5 minutes of a cardiac arrest, and have seen a 70% survival rate.

Via NewScientist

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