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CPR Stranger Saving Strategies

CPR Stranger Saving Strategies

Being called on to perform CPR in public can be very scary. We want to help make sure you’re confident in performing CRP so that you can potentially save someone’s life! Here’s some hand-picked resources to help.

The 5 Fears of CPR Rescue

You may already have seen this video in an ad, but if you haven’t watched the 5 Fears of CPR video yet, you should. Our paramedic, Roy, does an incredible job of explaining the top 5 fears associated with performing CPR and how to dispel them.

Men vs. Women in CPR

Surprisingly, one of the most common reasons men receive CPR more often than women is because men are afraid to perform CPR on women. They often believe that if they perform CPR on a woman, they may be held liable for sexual harassment.

Take the CPR IQ Quiz

Want to test your knowledge of CPR while learning along the way? The CPR IQ quiz is a fun way to boost your confidence in your CPR skills, while learning about even the most challenging parts of performing CPR.

Get 20% off CPR Recertification

Want to get recertified for CPR, or get certified in the first place? We’ve got the perfect solution. Get 20% off when you get recertified today. We’ll help you pick exactly the right course to meet your needs.