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When CPR Doesn’t Work

When CPR Doesn't Work

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You thought you did everything right—but he still died in front of you. You’re not sure if you feel pain or just numb.
This job seems to be taking more out of you than you thought.
The gravity of performing CPR can be immense. You’re fighting for someone’s life—and you’re alone, every second passing like an eternity.
When someone doesn’t make it... you might even feel like it’s your fault. The reality is, you can do everything right... and still lose them.

It’s not like in the movies. In real life, the person dies more often than they live.

Because you couldn’t “save” them, you might feel guilt.

But you don’t have to.

It’s time to step back and remember what CPR actually is.

CPR isn't keeping someone alive — it’s buying time until other help arrives.

By the time you administer CPR, the person is already clinically dead.

Even picture-perfect CPR can only provide a fraction of what the body needs to survive.
CPR is only one part of the equation. You can’t control what made a person’s heart stop in the first place or how their body will respond to CPR.
Every day, CPR rescuers see many people who should have lived, die. And many people who seemed to be beyond hope, live.
So, take a moment to breathe, and allow yourself to have peace.
What matters most is that you cared enough to try. And someone was there with the person in their final moments. And that is beautiful.

Explore the hard realities of CPR with an expert

Our paramedic, Roy Shaw, gives deeper insight into what you can do when CPR doesn't work.
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