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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Testimonials
  • “I always take CPR every 2 years in the classroom. This is my first time to take it online, your class is as good as a classroom setting. I'm really impressed. Thank you so much and keep the good work. God bless you all and thank you again. ”

    ~ Edna, RN BSN from Texas
  • “After nearly 40 years of healthcare, I appreciate the opportunity to complete my review of CPR/BLS on-line. This was a very thorough and professional adult learning medium. Thank you”

    ~ Vicky, Physical Therapist (PT) from Ohio
  • “This course makes is easy to understand and is very detailed at the same time. I am glade I chose this course over the others out there. I would recomend this to anyone.”

    ~ christopher
  • “When I realized my CPR/AED certification had lapsed, I was nervous about not having the certification. I had heard that you could take the course and test online and thought I had nothing to lose. Oh, technology! Taking the course and test through ProCPR was easy, quick, and I did it in my pajamas. No waiting weeks to schedule, no yawning through the course because the teacher is taking too much time on things you already know, and no driving to and from a class. I saved valuable time taking it online, and I will be doing this again in the future. The course is thorough and you can take it at your speed to ensure that you take the most away from it.”

    ~ Tanya, Registered Occupational Therapist from Massachusetts
  • “This is the best way to recertify . I will continue to recommend the PRO CPR Testing and having brush up vidoes and lectures helps to retain the correct way to help and perform CPR and AED, CHOKING and first aid. THANK YOU for the great job you do.”

    ~ Renate from Florida
  • “Wonderful course and video series. I learned much more from this course than any of my other courses.”

    ~ Tilithia from AB
  • “ I loved this.”

    ~ Dana, Certified Dental Assistant from Ohio
  • “Excellent training videos! Appreciate the fact that I was able to incorporate it into my busy schedule, so very convenient. I also found the ProCPR customer service to be extremely helpful & thorough in answering all my questions. So glad I listened to my friend who had recommended ProCPR! Thank you!”

    ~ Catherine from Arizona
  • “This site and program were very helpful for a busy mother, wife, and nurse. Thank you!!”

    ~ Tommie from Tennessee
  • “This was fast, efficient, and professional. I would recommend it to any of my coworkers who need to recertify! ”

    ~ Lynda, Registered Nurse (RN) from Idaho
  • “Effective and concise training - especially liked that I could take the training at my convenience for my recertification. Thank you!”

    ~ Leslie J, Licensed Massage Therapist / Practitioner (LMT/LMP from Wisconsin
  • “The training is challenging and allows you to think before you answer. You really learn because you're not rushed. If you choose incorrectly, you have an opportunity to understand why, which is helpful.”

    ~ Mildred, Medical Assistant from Michigan
  • “Very user friendly.”

    ~ Wendy, Nuclear Medicine Technologist from Florida
  • “Very clear and comprehensive training. Highly recommended.”

    ~ Cherryanne from Georgia
  • “ is passionate about helping people learn CPR. The videos are professional and have an excellent presentation. ProCPR reminded me that my CPR was due to be recertified well in advance and offered a discount as well.”

    ~ Marcia from California
  • “This was fun and educational! I would recommend this course to everyone who needs recertification.”

    ~ Jerri, Immunizing Pharmacist from Texas
  • “This site was great! Easy to follow and understand. Thank You!”

    ~ Colleen, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN/LVN) from Indiana
  • “I learned a lot from this online training from a very expert paramedics staff who is very energetic, informative, resourceful, very knowledgeable, skillful, concise and professional. This has been my first online training for any certification and through you I begin to accept and realize that online training can be as effective as actual training because of this efficient and effective approach. This was my first CPR training and I was supposed to do it in the actual class but because a friend of mine actually referred me to your site that means is such a popular site for online CPR training, so I gave it a try, plus it is much cheaper as well than in the actual class itself. Also, your customer service toll free number is easily accessible and helped me with my query. Since this is my first CPR certification, she (agent) explained to me that I would definitely require to do the hands on skills test. She gave me a contact person and number to reach to for my hands on skills in my nearest area and that person to my surprise is also accommodating and the schedule is very flexible compared to actual class which on one of the classes that I inquired was just doing it every Sat. Overall, I gave this website training class a 5 STAR on overall performance. I sure definitely recommend to everybody for beginners or those seeking to renew their CPR certificate. I will not hesitate to come back here when the time comes to renew my certificate after 2 years. Thank you very much for a job well done. You have been thorough and the pretests, postests, training and test questions are easy and straight forward had you only listened to the training. Everything is provided in the training. In fact I got 100 % on the test and I owed it to you guys!!! Kudos to you!!!”

    ~ Rogelio, Physical Therapist (PT) from California
  • “I highly recommend taking the ProTrainings ProCPR on-line course. It's so easy to be able to do this course in your own home or office at your convenience. There is the added benefit of stopping and coming back to the training if you cannot complete it in one sitting. ProTrainings and their presenter(s) do an excellent job of providing easy to understand, detailed information via videos, that all healthcare workers need to complete and fulfill the CPR/AED Adult/Child training requirements. I have used this company's program twice and will use it again and again. ”

    ~ Eileen, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant (LPTA) from Virginia
  • “Well done and extremely thorough. Loved the encouragement while taking the test with clear explanations as to why the answers were right/wrong and positive reinforcement to continue with "good Job" etc. I am excited about the e-mail updates too...”

    ~ Barbara, RN from North Carolina
Live & Un-Edited Testimonials
  • “For those who have taken the CPR course before, retaking it online is a convenient .”

    ~ Laura, about 13 hours ago
  • “this is very convenient.”

    ~ George, about 14 hours ago
  • “The trainer is very knowledgeable and explained the procedures well and demonstrated the techniques just like as if you were doing it hands on in a classroom. ”

    ~ Beth, about 18 hours ago
  • “The training was excellent, very easy to comprehend. The content was very interesting. I thought it would get boring, but that never happened. I enjoyed it and will definitely take the training again. I highly recommend this training.”

    ~ Eddie, about 19 hours ago
  • “Very complete in information.”

    ~ Beth, about 21 hours ago
  • “able to do quickly during the day. Loved it!!”

    ~ John, 1 day ago
  • “I thought this was a very comprehensive and well done tutorial - a great review with good updated information.”

    ~ mary, 1 day ago
  • “Love this way of recertifying my CPR. It is good to get reminded of these skills. ”

    ~ Barbara, 1 day ago
  • “It was a great experience, definitely allows a busy person to save some time on recertifying their CPR.”

    ~ Vannesa, 1 day ago
  • “Very thorough and interesting training! I will continue to re-certify at”

    ~ Natalie, 2 days ago
  • “I had been CPR certified before, but, as it was a number of years ago, this course helped me remember past skills and learn new recommendations. The instructions were very clear, and the demonstrations provided a welcome visual aide to see what treatment actually looks like.”

    ~ Michela, 2 days ago
  • “I like the convenience and the opportunity to review, The presentation is excellent,and there is always a rationale for the action.”

    ~ Susan, 2 days ago
  • “shorter videos”

    ~ Farha, 2 days ago
  • “The updated material is excellent. On-Line computer based training is and excellent tool.”

    ~ Daniel, 2 days ago
  • “This is a very precise,concise and accurate training method for certification.”

    ~ Olukola, 2 days ago
  • “Found it more in- depth than a full 4 hour course”

    ~ Kelly, 2 days ago
  • “I recommend your course to all busy healthcare professionals.”

    ~ Janice, 3 days ago
  • “Excellent Website! Easy to use and understand. ”

    ~ Heather, 3 days ago
  • “ProCPR is a time efficient, precise course for the busy individual who wishes to certify or re-certify promptly. This course focuses on major points that are necessary when faced with an emergency situation. It is interesting, time saving and encouraging. As a busy professional, I highly recommend it to all. ”

    ~ marilyn, 3 days ago
  • “Very informative and was very happy that I could do this on my own time at my house. I learned just as muhc if not more then if I had done this in a classroom setting”

    ~ Eva, 3 days ago