ProCPR Testimonials

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Testimonials
  • “Being a full time nurse, mother, grandmother and wife I find very little down tome to attend CPR classes. ProCPR was recommended to me by a fellow RN. I found the training and certification process to be appropriate, professional, informative and it fit in with my busy schedule. Thanks ProCPR!”

    ~ Janis, RN (Registered Nurse) from Florida
  • “I always take CPR every 2 years in the classroom. This is my first time to take it online, your class is as good as a classroom setting. I'm really impressed. Thank you so much and keep the good work. God bless you all and thank you again. ”

    ~ Edna, RN BSN from Texas
  • “Efficient way to keep up your certification, especially when the training provided at the facility does not match with the date you need to renew by.”

    ~ Rogene, RN from Iowa
  • “There is no way you don't learn exactly what you need to know and it gets embedded. Great site ProCPR!!”

    ~ Tamikio, Certified Medical Assistant from District Of Columbia
  • “I was concerned that an on-line training program would be less effective than an in-person, hands-on one, but I was very pleasantly surprised that is not at all the case. Roy Shaw is an excellent teacher who is clear in his explanations and repeats points to be sure students of the course are well-reviewed. I was glad to learn there is an option of a one-on-one skills practice if desired, and I love that I will get weekly emails to review CPR regularly and take away some of that fear of forgetting! ”

    ~ Daphne Nizza, pediatrician from Texas
  • “The course is very detailed and covers all aspects of the subject. I work in a healthcare setting where CPR isn't performed regularly but the course is a good memory refresher and makes me feel more confident for when I do need it. There are no children or infants treated at our facility but I have 6 grandchildren ages ranging from 4 days to 7 years, so the infant/child portion is good to stay updated on, also.”

    ~ Donna, RN from Indiana
  • “I took my 1st CPR class in the Boy Scouts in 1973. I have renewed it every years since. I have been a Pre-Hospital Health Care Provider since 1980. This is by far the most convenient method to refresh those who cherish their time off and do not wish to spend days in a classroom!”

    ~ William, Remote Duty Paramedic from Florida
  • “This was the best test I have taken of all the online BLS I have done. It set up real life analogies of what could happen and asked what should be done! ”

    ~ Rachael
  • “This is a great site. Needed to update my CPR for my job quickly, and this was just what I needed.”

    ~ Dawn, Alzheimer's Care Director from Alabama
  • “This was a very easy and fast way to update my cpr. I learned a lot from the videos and they contained the information needed for my completion of cpr. Very professional.”

    ~ Dawn from Ohio
  • “ProCPR is intelligently prepared, and explained with Demos for easy learning. ”

    ~ Hailemariam, Health Administrator from California
  • “I have taken CPR since age 12 (babysitter) and for 24 years as an RN. This site is excellent and provides enough information to prepare anyone to perform CPR.”

    ~ Sharon, Registered Nurse (RN) from Pennsylvania
  • “I think the video training was very thorough and the pre-test questions helped adequately prepare for the test. I feel more confident in my knowledge of CPR and First Aid than after prior trainings. ”

    ~ Dorothy, Physical Therapist from Pennsylvania
  • “I am a Paramedic serving in Afghanistan. I really liked this test, it was better and made me think a little harder then the standard AHA test that we have to do every other year. Great Job!”

    ~ Robert, Paramedic from Georgia
  • “Very informative, thorough and educational. Easy to follow along and understand. Great review before taking test.”

    ~ Shawn L.
  • “This site and program were very helpful for a busy mother, wife, and nurse. Thank you!!”

    ~ Tommie from Tennessee
  • “I have been a nurse for 31 years. This was the best presentation of CPR for the healthcare provider I have had.”

    ~ Paulette, Nurse (LVN/LPN) from Wyoming
  • “This was a virtually painless way to receive CPR training and refresher information. Thank you for providing an easy way to access the information and the certificate.”

    ~ Sylvia, Registered Dietitian and Communication Consultant from Arizona
  • “Great for a Healthcare Provider with a busy schedule!”

    ~ Jessie, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) from Massachusetts
  • “Easy, simple to complete in the comfort of my home! Recommend to ALL health care professionals!”

    ~ Gretchen, Registered Nurse (RN) from New Jersey
Live & Un-Edited Testimonials
  • “I renew my CPR Certification every year this way. Its easy because I can do it when I have free time and the instructor is very thorough yet concise.”

    ~ Gina, about 8 hours ago
  • “With it's fantastic to NOT have to go to a day of classes every year for CPR recertification, PLUS having the regular email videos to watch for a few minutes keeps me much more up to date on my "lifesaving skills" than just "sitting through it" once a year. ”

    ~ Robert, about 8 hours ago
  • “Great videos and prep questions! ”

    ~ Emily, about 11 hours ago
  • “I have used ProCPR for my CPR recertification for several years. They offer excellent videos and now have staff on hand to answer questions. I will definitely continue. ”

    ~ Mary, about 11 hours ago
  • “its great to be able to do this in your own home where there is nothing to distract you and you can do this at your own pace.”

    ~ sandra, about 13 hours ago
  • “This was a great refresher. Before taking the test, it helps to HEAR the important points, instead of just reading about them.”

    ~ Marilyn, about 14 hours ago
  • “This program is an excellent way to update your professional bls. Laura Abbott, RN”

    ~ Laura, about 14 hours ago
  • “Easy to use! I had a question during the test and Live Chat answered right away! I will definitely use this site again!”

    ~ Rachel, about 16 hours ago
  • “Pro CPR has professional instructional videos that are detailed and helpful”

    ~ Patricia, about 16 hours ago
  • “This is an excellent, informative and easy to follow class. I would highly recommend it”

    ~ Susan, about 17 hours ago
  • “Excellent test with good scenarios that encourage critical thinking”

    ~ Brenda, about 22 hours ago
  • “I needed a quick way to become recertified when I realized my CPR certification was expired. Due to a busy schedule I was unable to attend on site classes. This was fast and easy. ”

    ~ Anne, 1 day ago

    ~ Constance, 1 day ago
  • “the pretest given was great and a good idea to read over before taking the test. That information made the test much easlier to understand and answer correctly. It made for a test that i felt confident with the answers. I could visually see what needed to be done. Make it easier to remember. Great way to get re certified. Thank You. Barbara T. M.I. ,S.C. DMD”

    ~ barbara a, 1 day ago
  • “Very professional.”

    ~ Jesse, 1 day ago
  • “just as good as a CPR in classroom with the videos provided”

    ~ lisa, 1 day ago
  • “I usually have CPR training from my work, but was unable to make it this time. It was very nice and convenient to have this online option as an alternative. Thank you.”

    ~ Catherine, 1 day ago
  • “Very good website. Easy and informative. ”

    ~ Angela, 1 day ago
  • “quick and easy for the professional who has done this 20x”

    ~ Holly, 2 days ago
  • “the instruction was very informative and to the point”

    ~ Marie, 2 days ago