ProCPR Testimonials

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Testimonials

    ~ Eduardo L., Doctor in Dental Surgery from California
  • “ProCPR was extremely effective in helping me get re-certified in Basic Life Support by offering helpful and detailed training on topics that I was familiar with, as well as topics that I wasn't familliar with before. After completing the ProCPR training, I feel much more confident in being able to use these skills in case of an emergency, whether it be in my professional healthcare setting, or in a public place.”

    ~ Lindsey, Registered Polysomnographer from Florida
  • “I have been certified in CPR for 30 years. Watching these videos helped me so much, and knowing I can watch them free anytime is a comfort to continualy refresh my memory. I am glad, also, that I signed up for weekly email updates on CPR. It was great!”

    ~ Diane, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) from Tennessee
  • “I am so glad I finally did this. Being able to adequately respond in any situation is so important, and gives the confidence to save a life if need be.”

    ~ Aaron, Student from Tennessee
  • “This is a great way to learn CPR. ProCPR also sends you update videos through your e-mail that keep you up to date with CPR. This is a great learning tool. It is easy to use, and you can print you certificate or have it mailed to you.”

    ~ emma, CNA/CMA (Certified Nursing Assistant) from Florida
  • “I really appreciated the convenience of re-newing my BLS online and the content was appropriate and covered everything that would be expected in a classroom setting.”

    ~ Akweevyah, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN/LVN) from North Carolina
  • “I was looking for a class to become re-certified in CPR. I work as a mental health technician at my local behavioral health inpatient unit. My CPR certification had expired and certification is required for continued employment. I, also being in college, did not have the time to wait for the next available CPR class. I am grateful that I found ProCPR online.”

    ~ Renata, Mental Health Technician II/ ER Assessment from Pennsylvania
  • “I have used ProCPR Training before and today was my second time. I appreciated the assistance I received on the phone today and the excellent instruction today online. ”

    ~ Elizabeth, Physical Therapist from Michigan
  • “Very easy and self explanatory.”

    ~ Roxanne, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) from Louisiana
  • “Excellent! Questions were both though-provoking and practical.”

    ~ Mary, Registered Nurse (RN) from Pennsylvania
  • “This is the best way to obtain your CPR training and most effective.”

    ~ Darlene, L.P.N. from Nevada
  • “I was worried that I would not learn anything on the online certification course. However, I quickly learned the information when I responded to test questions as well as while watching the videos. Videos were to the point and very clear.”

    ~ Staci, Yoga instructor from Colorado
  • “When I realized my CPR/AED certification had lapsed, I was nervous about not having the certification. I had heard that you could take the course and test online and thought I had nothing to lose. Oh, technology! Taking the course and test through ProCPR was easy, quick, and I did it in my pajamas. No waiting weeks to schedule, no yawning through the course because the teacher is taking too much time on things you already know, and no driving to and from a class. I saved valuable time taking it online, and I will be doing this again in the future. The course is thorough and you can take it at your speed to ensure that you take the most away from it.”

    ~ Tanya, Registered Occupational Therapist from Massachusetts
  • “Instruction is easy to understand, uses repetition to aid learning; each segment is concise.”

    ~ Patricia, Nurse Practitioner from California
  • “This is a very effective way of meeting the requirements for CPR. Thorough refresher!”

    ~ Claudia, RN (Registered Nurse) from Texas
  • “I was surprised. I didn't think I would be able to get quality CPR training online. I've only taken CPR in classrooms before. The teacher and the format were excellent. The short readings complimented the videos, and the questions between the lessons kept me on my toes. A quality production.”

    ~ Jonathan, COACH from California
  • “Great! Convenient and effective. A life saver...”

    ~ Mark, PTA from Washington
  • “This training is so convenient. The lessons are not boring yet full of information and visual instuction. I will definitely recommnend to any one needing to update theirs.”

    ~ Roxanne from Texas
  • “Great option for training and renewal! Wish I'd had this a couple of years ago when I needed to recert.”

    ~ Jan, Certified Occupational Therapist from Texas
  • “This course was a fast and easy way to re-cert. As a mother of two small children, I couldn't afford to get away for a lengthy course. ProCPR has allowed me to meet my requirements, while staying in my home and being there for my kids.”

    ~ Kacy from New Jersey
Live & Un-Edited Testimonials
  • “I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the videos.”

    ~ Tonya, about 6 hours ago

    ~ Maria, about 6 hours ago
  • “I would recommend anyone to take this course. It is very informative and this was my second time to use proCPR to renew my CPR. ”

    ~ Audrey, about 9 hours ago
  • “This course helped me remember the skills needed to perform the proper CPR.”

    ~ Joseph Anthony, about 12 hours ago
  • “This was the best CPR instruction course I have ever taken. It was not mundane or dry. The instructor was wonderful!”

    ~ Sue, about 14 hours ago
  • “I am an ER nurse and this was quick and easy”

    ~ Melissa, about 15 hours ago
  • “Questions very appropriate and test the examiners knowledge of the imortant aspects of cpr.”

    ~ Alisha, about 15 hours ago
  • “This website was very helpful and easy to follow along with. Also, it was very convenient being online and allowing 7 days to finish.”

    ~ Tia, about 15 hours ago
  • “Very good course and an efficient way of renewing your CPR skills”

    ~ Cherry, about 16 hours ago
  • “Very convenient way to obtain certification on my own terms and schedule. Learned much more than I did during live training sessions”

    ~ Michael, about 16 hours ago
  • “yall taught me alot”

    ~ Michele, about 17 hours ago
  • “This was quick, easy and painless! Thank you so much for the convenience of on-line classes!”

    ~ sharon, about 21 hours ago
  • “This training is easy to understand and I am not pressured by an instructor watching over me. I am in the comfort of my home and can pause and resume taking the test if interrupted.”

    ~ alice, about 22 hours ago
  • “This tutorial is very informative and easy to learn, I like the different videos and scenarios.”

    ~ mobenah, 1 day ago
  • “The process was painless!! I have used PROCPR for years thanks guys!!! ”

    ~ Adam, 1 day ago
  • “ProCPR was great!”

    ~ Sharday, 1 day ago
  • “The training videos are excellent. ”

    ~ Romina, 1 day ago
  • “excellent, fits into my busy schedule as a mother, wife and hospice nurse”

    ~ denise, 1 day ago
  • “Easy safe and sound! I am always pleased with ProCpr! Thanks for being the best!!”

    ~ Jan, 1 day ago
  • “Very helpful.”

    ~ Linda K, 1 day ago