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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Testimonials
  • “Watching the training was very helpful and informative. I feel more confident about what to do in an emergency. ”

    ~ Adina, Zumba instructor from California
  • “Comprehensive information. The demonstrations were realistic and easily viewed. I especially liked the fact that I could start and then save my information if I needed to come back later.”

    ~ Susan, Registered Nurse from California
  • “I have been certified by proCPR for over 10 years and love the format, videos, and email training reminders. Thanks!”

    ~ Gretchen, Fitness trainer from Connecticut
  • “This was the best CPR class I have ever had in 20+years of nursing. Easy to grasp information, easy to follow and learn. Testing was not tricky. Thank you!”

    ~ Glenda
  • “I've been certified and re-certified for CPR for over 30 years (first as a Respiratory Therapist and then as an RN); this is EXACTLY what I've been saying is needed for re-certification for experienced medical professionals. I didn't have to leave the comfort of my own home to get my CPR re-certified for the 20+ time! And my certification didn't lapse while I desperately tried to find a CPR class nearby. ”

    ~ Cathy from Virginia
  • “This is the second time that I have taken this course for my CPR certification and for me it is extremely effective and time saving. Finding healthcare CPR courses in this area can sometimes be a challenge and often times it requires waiting for a week or two to get into a class. I like doing the course in the comfort of my own home.”

    ~ Lynne, Registered Nurse (RN) from Washington
  • “Easy to understand. During the training you can re-run the the video as many times you need to help you understand. You get visual examples and a actual run through to put it all together.”

    ~ Gloria M., Registered Dental Assistant from California
  • “satisfied!”

    ~ Lilia, employee from Baja California
  • “I have taken this course 3 times (all hands-on) in the past and this one was by far the best. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the presentation was easy to understand. I liked the way the presentation was broken into short sections followed by a question.”

    ~ Lawrence, Pharmacist from Virginia

    ~ REBECCA from Kansas
  • “This CPR training was fast and effective for obtaining your CPR card quickly.”

    ~ Phyllis from West Virginia
  • “I found this training and testing very organized and much easier to concentrate on the material than in a class atmosphere. I really enjoyed it.”

    ~ LYNN, Registered Nurse (RN) from Hawaii
  • “This program is what I have used for my certification for years now. I love the fact that I can do this at home in my pajamas if i want!”

    ~ takeisha, Nurse (LVN/LPN) from North Carolina
  • “User friendly with good emergency scenarios.”

    ~ Theresa, Physician Assistant (PA) from Wisconsin
  • “I loved doing CPR this way...I once was an instructor but this was perfect...I have a lot of obligations and this allowed me to do it at my own pace and pick up where I left off..and can go back if have a question without bothering anyone else..”

    ~ Linda, Registered Nurse (RN) from Virginia
  • “Questions appropriate and inline with AHA training. Appropriate degree of difficulty.”

    ~ Debbie, Registered Nurse (RN) from Florida
  • “Great videos and the information was very easy to understand and apply. ”

    ~ Gina, Licensed Physical Therapist (LPT) from Oklahoma
  • “I needed to get my CPR certification to enter the nursing program. I work 2 jobs and go to school full time and wasn't sure when I would fit in a 6 hour course at our local fire department. A friend told me about ProTraining and it was a blessing! Great videos and test questions! Thank you ProTraining for helping me get on with my life!”

    ~ Ciara, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) from California
  • “I have been through several certification classes. Your instructor is the absolute best I've seen. He explains thoroughly and demonstrates each procedure completely. ”

    ~ Teresa from Florida
  • “I always get nervous when I recertify for CPR. It is hard to find the time, when I get nervous in front of the instructor, I answer questions incorrectly. With, I was able to do the recertification in my home. The questions were concise and easy to understand. I was able to challenge the test, which I have never done, and passed with 90%. Thank you for coming up with a great alternative to CPR recertification. ”

    ~ Debra, Family Nurse Practitioner from Arizona
Live & Un-Edited Testimonials

    ~ Mary, about 3 hours ago
  • “Very informative!”

    ~ Janice, about 12 hours ago
  • “ba”

    ~ Monica, about 14 hours ago
  • “Recertified, great way to save time and money! Clear information and questions reflect content information! Thanks for letting me recertify in the comfort of my own home on my time schedule! Will always use your website and certification process!!”

    ~ Susan, about 16 hours ago
  • “My CPR expires at the end of the month, and with little time remaining I found this CPR course to be just as valuable as the standard classroom course.”

    ~ Theresa, about 16 hours ago
  • “Pro CPR is a awesome especially when time is an issue. No none sense no fluff”

    ~ Victor, about 18 hours ago
  • “Great site, Very user friendly! Thanks”

    ~ Lynn, about 19 hours ago
  • “This is a very good place to get training for CPR. This is my third time renewing CPR from this website. Thank you PROCPR!”

    ~ Sunita, about 19 hours ago
  • “I needed certification in a hurry and was able to get it the same day.”

    ~ LIsa, about 20 hours ago
  • “This course was very thorough with very good explanations and demonstrations throughout the whole course. The test question after every section made you think about what you had just learned to check for understanding”

    ~ Deborah, about 20 hours ago
  • “I was sick yesterday and unable to go to a CPR class so I looked online, this was a really well done class, I felt as if I were there in person. Thank you”

    ~ Mary Kathleen, about 20 hours ago
  • “Learn”

    ~ Mireya, about 20 hours ago
  • “This is a requirement for medical staff personnel and my schedule just did not allow to attend the course. This class served as a great refresher and the need for flexibility to meet a necessary requirement. Thank you for providing this opportunity. ”

    ~ Gayla, about 21 hours ago
  • “Great site, able to test at my convenience”

    ~ Paul, about 21 hours ago
  • “Good course. FOllows information in atrudy guide and on wallet card.”

    ~ Thomas, about 22 hours ago
  • “Great educational tool for recertification of CPR for busy healthcare providers! Highly recommend it!”

    ~ Tamari, about 24 hours ago
  • “Well done.”

    ~ Linda, 1 day ago
  • “It was helpful to be instructed about the wrong answers so that was a learning experience too.”

    ~ Brenda M., 1 day ago
  • “Fast and efficient CPR training!”

    ~ Emily, 1 day ago
  • “This course was very detailed and the information was conveyed in a professional, precise, and accurate manner. I will definitely refer others to this website.”

    ~ Tiffany, 1 day ago