ProCPR Testimonials

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Testimonials
  • “As a healthcare provider, I have been using ProCPR to maintain my certification the past several years and have been so pleased with the training. It's nice to have the flexibility to complete the training at my own pace. I always recommend this course to my co-workers! Thank You for providing such a great online training certification course!”

    ~ Shasta, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant from Nevada
  • “I always go to when I need to renew my CPR certification! It is perfect for busy nurses and moms like me!”

    ~ LeeAnne, LPN/LVN (Licensed Practical Nurse) from Ohio
  • “This is a nice easy way to renew my CPR certification at home, without having to attend a class. I have been CPR certified for 37 years, used to teach CPR classes and have also been ACLS certified. ”

    ~ Rebecca, Registered Nurse (RN) from California
  • “I appreciate your safety emails throughout the year to keep me fresh in my knowledge.”

    ~ Bernard, Fitness Prof from New York
  • “I've been certified and re-certified for CPR for over 30 years (first as a Respiratory Therapist and then as an RN); this is EXACTLY what I've been saying is needed for re-certification for experienced medical professionals. I didn't have to leave the comfort of my own home to get my CPR re-certified for the 20+ time! And my certification didn't lapse while I desperately tried to find a CPR class nearby. ”

    ~ Cathy from Virginia
  • “Good review I need to do my CPR no longer employed, retired. It made me think and it will prepare me for working with some junior high kids to encourage them to learn CPR.”

    ~ barbara, Registered Nurse (RN) from California
  • “Excellent training videos! Appreciate the fact that I was able to incorporate it into my busy schedule, so very convenient. I also found the ProCPR customer service to be extremely helpful & thorough in answering all my questions. So glad I listened to my friend who had recommended ProCPR! Thank you!”

    ~ Catherine from Arizona
  • “I learned more than just the straight CPR. It was very helpful to be able to watch the video and also to print out the learning materials. I would recommend this to anyone who is pressed for time in trying to find a formal class.”

    ~ Sandra, Registered Nurse (RN) from Florida
  • “I love the convience of Pro CPR. The vidieos are excellent and the weekly emails are a great refresher in between certifications. ”

    ~ Nicole, Licensed Massage Therapist from Maryland
  • “Taking the test online was convenient and helpful. The training was easy to understand and was a big help for me. It allowed me to re-certify quickly which was a plus for me. I would recommend this to all my friends looking to initiate or re-certify their CPR. ”

    ~ Jacqueline, Medical Assistant (MA) from Florida
  • “Being a full time nurse, mother, grandmother and wife I find very little down tome to attend CPR classes. ProCPR was recommended to me by a fellow RN. I found the training and certification process to be appropriate, professional, informative and it fit in with my busy schedule. Thanks ProCPR!”

    ~ Janis, RN (Registered Nurse) from Florida
  • “Awesome course. With the videos you feel like you are in class, but can watch only as much as you need, then proceed to the test anytime!”

    ~ Judith K, Registered Nurse (RN) from Texas
  • “This is my second time taking the test with ProCPR and I'm not doing it an old fashion way ever again!!! ProCPR rocks!”

    ~ Vladyslav, Dentist from Virginia
  • “I have medical assisting training and have taken the Red Cross and AHA hands on trainings several times. I am a yoga/fitness instructor and this is a great way for me to keep up my certification with my busy schedule. The questions cover situations that are "real" and being able to act quickly & safely are so important. I wish everyone that is able would take the time to learn this basic information. It could save a life.”

    ~ Sandra, Certified Fitness Instructor from Ohio
  • “In many respects, this online CPR presentation and training is superior to live classes I've attended throughout the years. Namely the opportunity to rewind and replay the instruction, the ability to fast forward well known material, and also the quick test questions at the end of each lesson to prepare for the final test. Highly recommended for no only all levels of healthcare professionals, but also the average person on the street wanting to be prepared for the unexpected. ”

    ~ Steven, Optometrist (OD) from Idaho
  • “Very well done. Highly recommend for all professionals!”

    ~ stan, physician from Texas
  • “I was looking for a class to become re-certified in CPR. I work as a mental health technician at my local behavioral health inpatient unit. My CPR certification had expired and certification is required for continued employment. I, also being in college, did not have the time to wait for the next available CPR class. I am grateful that I found ProCPR online.”

    ~ Renata, Mental Health Technician II/ ER Assessment from Pennsylvania
  • “This has been the most comprehensive, well-taught course in BLS that I have taken in 40 years! Congratulations on a job well done!”

    ~ Anita, Adult Nurse Practitioner from Florida
  • “I've been in the medical field for over 24 years, and have seen CPR requirements/recommendations change many times. this program reinforces, and redirects you to the correct response.”

    ~ Thomas, CT Technologist from Michigan
  • “This is definitely a rapid and re-educating experience!”

    ~ Justina, Medical Social Worker from California
Live & Un-Edited Testimonials
  • “Very efficient step by step training when you don't have the ability to take a whole day class. Thanks very informative!”

    ~ Heather, about 1 hour ago
  • “Videos were very informative and training was easy to follow”

    ~ Jenna, about 1 hour ago
  • “Very satisfied with ProCPR training. It is a very informative and life saving courses that are very easy to comprehend. I highly recommend these courses.”

    ~ christina, about 1 hour ago
  • “great class! I needed my CPR renewal quickly and they were able to help with it!”

    ~ Kim, about 2 hours ago
  • “For someone who is only using this course to re-certify, I think it is great. It provides a valid refresher. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who is a first-timer and has never been hands on, but for someone who is in the field as much as I am, it's great.”

    ~ Dane, about 2 hours ago
  • “ is very clear, educational and to the point. I recommended this especially to an adult healthcare facility who needed to renew their certificates.”

    ~ Nadine, about 11 hours ago
  • “Significant experience of EMT along w/ Healthcare provider guidelines gives a greater perspective of real life experiences someone may not encounter in a hospital and that other courses do not provide”

    ~ Cathy, about 11 hours ago
  • “Very good website for those who can't find the time to go to a hands on class on CPR. Each question was descriptive and I felt like if i was in a class rather than my home.”

    ~ Lisette, about 11 hours ago
  • “Great informative information and to the point!”

    ~ Sarah, about 12 hours ago
  • “Very informative and easy to use. Best use of time and did not interuppt clinic with patients and work.”

    ~ Sabrina, about 12 hours ago
  • “Great to be able to complete CPR re-certification in the comfort of your home.”

    ~ Carolyn, about 13 hours ago
  • “Always current and I like the rational given for answers that are incorrect.”

    ~ hong keng, about 14 hours ago
  • “I have done online CPR and have also actually attended class. I have found the online course is very thorough and I enjoy the continuous updates and refresher emails. ”

    ~ Rosalinda, about 14 hours ago
  • “It is a very convenient training.”

    ~ Carline, about 16 hours ago
  • “I felt like I was in a class room with my own private teacher.”

    ~ Grace, about 16 hours ago
  • “Professional and easy to use. Covers all the main topics for CPR proficiency.”

    ~ Sharon, about 17 hours ago
  • “Thank you for the educaton I will recommend you to my family.”

    ~ Kalley, about 17 hours ago
  • “I enjoyed taking this online training course. It was simple to use and easy to follow. The course instructor gave very clear instructions thru each step. I very much appreciated the option to "save and continue" while training. Excellent for re-training.”

    ~ Kimberly, about 18 hours ago
  • “I love that this Company sends me updated material all year long to keep my skills in check.”

    ~ Sharie, about 18 hours ago
  • “I liked the training videos. They where very helpful and thorough. This is my third time returning to ”

    ~ Karen, about 18 hours ago